Dog Ate My Homework (The bookstore…not the excuse!)

I’ve had a bunch of book signings lately, and this weekend’s was special for a few reasons.  First of all, because it was at the fantastic Dog Ate My Homework Bookstore in Glens Falls, a fun, bright store with friendly owners (and a dog named Macy for a mascot!).  Second, because it was a two-author event with my writer friend Eric Luper, whose YA novel BUG BOY set in 1934 Saratoga is one of the best historical novels I’ve ever read.  Here’s a picture of us with bookstore owners Kim & Mike Smith.

From left to right: Mike, me, Eric, Kim

Eric & I read from our books, answered questions, & were then treated to a Dog Ate My Homework tradition – dog-bone thank you gifts from Macy (chocolate chip cookie style!)

This giant, dog-bone shaped cookie was so delicious that by the time we enjoyed dinner out with Eric’s family and drove home, the only thing left was the "Tha…"   But I’ll finish that word… THANKS, Mike & Kim and everyone at Dog Ate My Homework for a great, great afternoon!

9 Replies on “Dog Ate My Homework (The bookstore…not the excuse!)

  1. How cool!
    I’m still amazed that you have time to write with being a mom and a full time English teacher; let alone spend your weekends at book events! I spend my weekend correcting papers and writing lessons, and by Sunday night I’ve had just a little time to relax, feel guilty that I did something fun (today we went for a walk in the woods on Mt. Wachusett- lots of beech trees and some ironwood trees, as well as oaks and maples!), and still haven’t completed everything I want to or feel I should have.

  2. Well, that all fits in, too. Yesterday, I graded papers and picked up the rather large collection of clothes that has piled up on my bedroom floor since my book came out (including some pants I wore the first day of school that still had $5 and a piece of candy in the pocket – score!). I just don’t take photos of all that because it’s not as pretty… :^)

  3. Thanks, Liza! It was fun. Saturday was a late night for the kids, but they slept in yesterday while I went for a nice long run, so everybody’s ready to go today!