Dear Kate Messner… Gems from my reader mail

I love letters from kids, and I always write back, but sometimes I forget to check my post office box for a little while, and things get backed up. Today was one of those days, so I came home with a pile of mail that made for a delightful afternoon.  Here are a few lines that made me smile:

I like to read your books, which are very good. I don’t know what your next book will be. Please let it be as good as the others.     ~Gage

I read The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. Are you married to a Zig?   ~Kayla

Why does Nonna have Alzheimer’s? I feel bad for her.          ~Austin

I really love your story. But did you know that you made Mrs. Good cry?    ~McKayla

Who inspires you to write your famous books?    ~Katie

Haylea sent me a letter and an author portrait that she drew. Can you see the resemblance?


I write stories for my friends to give to them, but first I copy them so I can have a copy.  What does it take to be an author?      ~Macey

You wrote a very good book. Will you write another book like it? If so, why or why not?              ~Jordan

I love all of your books. My teacher is fixing to read our class another book of yours, too.                ~Madison

Dear Mrs. Messner, I love your book called The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z….. P.S. If you aren’t married, I’m sorry that I said Mrs. instead of Ms.         ~Bryonna

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