Crab Island

My photo today is the island I see off my back deck, and though I’ve posted photos of it before, I don’t think I’ve ever shared its story.

This is Crab Island, one of my family’s favorite places to picnic on the rocks and check out fossils.  It’s about a mile by kayak in summer or cross country skis in winter, and it’s one of the most historical spots on Lake Champlain.

Crab Island was a hospital during the Battle of Plattsburgh in 1814 — part of the War of 1812.  Before the September 11th battle, hundreds of sick soldiers were cared for here.  On the eve of the battle, they were moved to Burlington, and after the battle, Crab Island became a graveyard for both British and American troops who were reportedly buried together in trenches on the north end of the island.  A simple monument honors the fallen, though the graves remain unmarked and thankfully, undisturbed.

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