“Coolest” thank you notes ever!

A couple weeks ago, I had a Skype author visit with a terrific group of 6th graders in Oelwein, Iowa.  We chatted about THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. and writing. The kids read GIANNA Z. as a class and did some great activities to go along with their reading, which their teacher Karla Duff (she’s the fabulous @teacher6th on Twitter!) posted on the class blogThey also blogged about our Skype visit!

This particular visit was tough to schedule because of trouble with snow days and winter weather, and when we finally managed to connect, I mentioned how jealous I was of everyone getting snow.  I live way up on Lake Champlain, where we are supposed to have several feet of snow by now, and my cross country ski trails are sadly barren and brown.  So what did I get in the mail this week?

I can honestly say, these are the "coolest" thank you notes I’ve ever received.  Thanks, Mrs. Duff and students! Your snowflakes made my whole day.

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  1. How wonderful!

    Will you be getting snow from this newest system? We’re about to get slammed down here – another foot or two of the white stuff, and they’ve barely cleared the roads from the weekend storm!

  2. Wow! What a thoughtful class! You should hang them from your ceiling . . .

    Alas, I was hoping we’d get a piece, or even a corner, of this next storm. But it’s going south of us again. As much as I love that we’ll be getting out of school way earlier than last year, I’d love to have some more snowshoeing days . . .

  3. a bit “flaky”

    Glad you liked our thank you! We are home on yet another snow day (#7) We can’t get rid of this snow fast enough!!!
    I also posted the notes on our blog http://www.spottoread.blogspot.com before sent-the students loved making them.
    Wishing you ALL of our snow,
    Karla Duff

  4. Re: a bit “flaky”

    Another storm is “just missing” us this week – no cross country skiing here this weekend. Sigh…

    Thanks again for the great snow-cards – loved them!

  5. Those are great! I love how intricate some of them are. We’re currently getting bucket-loads of snow in the Boston are – I’ll be happy to send it up your way!

  6. Thanks, Anna!

    Sigh…I think everyone’s getting snow except us. And I do understand that it’s tough on city folks, but geez…we live for ski days up here. Couldn’t the universe send at least some of it our way?