Contest Time!

His tribe calls him Silent One. He hasn’t spoken since his uncle died fighting the Iroquois. But in the winter of 1609, a new language echoes through the north woods. Samuel de Champlain and his Frenchmen speak of friendship and promise to help the Innu people fight their enemies. This time, Silent One must join the war party, journey far from home, and find his voice to save his brother and his own spirit.

"Kate Messner’s sense of American history and human nature is as strong as her clear, evocative prose. Her multicultural cast of characters truly comes alive in this wonderful little novel that gives one of the best pictures I’ve yet seen of that period of early contact."
                                          –Joseph Bruchac, Storyteller and Writer

My main character, Silent One, is silent for a reason; he had a vision and gave a warning that was ignored, resulting in his uncle’s death.  He felt like his voice didn’t matter.  Why use it?

But it does matter.  For all of us.

So here’s how to enter the contest.

Election Day provides us with an opportunity to to speak in a way that matters profoundly.  Promise you’ll speak by voting on November 4th. Leave a comment here, saying so, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a signed copy of Champlain and the Silent One. If you mention this contest on your blog or website and link back here, I’ll enter you twice. Just send me an email (kmessner at katemessner dot com) with the link and let me know.

If you’re not old enough to vote, you can still enter.   Talk with a parent or friend who is planning to vote, and make arrangements to go with someone on Election Day to see what it’s like.  Leave a comment that tells me you’ll be someone’s voting buddy, and promise to vote when you turn eighteen.  And then do it.  (I’ll do everything in my power to track you down and reclaim your prize if you don’t.)

Now the small print stuff…

Due to shipping costs, you must live in the Continental United States to win.   If you’re not registered on Live Journal, please remember to leave your name (if you’re under 18, please leave a first name only to protect your privacy) so that you can be entered in the drawing. It’s hard to mail books to Anonymous.

The deadline to enter the contest is this Friday, September 26th at midnight EST — right after the Presidential candidates’ first debate.  I’ll announce the winner on my blog on Monday, September 29th.

34 Replies on “Contest Time!

  1. Kate, I love the way you connect the past here, and some silence, with the present.

    My daughter is home briefly from college; we’re going to the town hall today so you can register to vote in absentia. It’s touching to see how excited she is about doing this. Of course I’m excited, too!

  2. I promise to speak by voting on November 4th and I promise I totally want a signed copy! I’m looking forward to reading it whether I win or not!!!

  3. I always vote. I even vote in the odd years when it’s mostly judges on the ballot. My husband has instructions to drag me into the polling place on a stretcher, should I become unexpectedly incapacitated.

    And I linked to you!

  4. Ruby (amgelleslament @

    I definitely plan on voting and my little girl so wants to win this book.

  5. Promise

    Hello, Kate! I stumbled on your blog the other week while looking for websites to inspire me to begin writing again. It is now the first thing I read every morning. Your amazing ability to balance family, career, and community motivates me to try to do the same. I am looking forward to reading Champlain and the Silent One and hope to win a signed copy. So… I PROMISE to vote this November! Jane Miller (

  6. Re: Promise

    Thank you so much for that note! I have you entered in the drawing, but I suggest that you edit your comment (or delete and add it again) to get rid of your email address, since sometimes posting in a public blog like this can result in spam-robots finding your email and barraging you with junk.

  7. book drawing contest

    Yes, I’ll vote on November 4th.
    Your book sounds intriguing, Kate. Congratulations on it!

    Ev Christensen

  8. I will use my voice during this election, definitely. And I will definitely encourage others to do the same.

    I’m really inspired when writers (like you!) thread together the themes of their books with something that serves the greater good. Thank you!

  9. I’ll be voting! I’ll also have my kids with me. They love when the kids voting is set up. I’m not sure if that will be available this year, though. I’ll give them my “I voted” sticker to make up for it – LOL.

  10. First, congratulations on the book Kate! It’s on my Amazon Wish List but I’m hoping that I will win a copy : ) And with Joe’s wonderful blurb, it can’t miss…everyone will be buying a copy

    I have already been using my voice during this election period, and will definitely be voting! This is the most important presidential election that I can remember in a looong time.

    And yes, I will be posting about your contest on my 4 blogs 🙂

  11. Absentee

    Hi Kate,
    I’m pleased to say that my absentee ballot is on its way to me now. I promise to fill it in and mail it back immediately. Absentee ballots will count significantly in this election. If you are away from your regular polling place, (in the service, in college, traveling) don’t hesitate to order yours from the town or city in which you are registered. Many towns have deadlines for ordering your ballot. Call today and Vote!