I must poke my head up from the flurry and flutter of NCTE speech-writing and Mom’s-leaving/soup-making activities to shout:

Deva Fagan’s new book, CIRCUS GALACTICUS, is out today!

I met Deva in 2009, when our debut novels came out and we were part of a group event at Books of Wonder in NY, with my THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. and Deva’s FORTUNE’S FOLLY.

(Don’t get confused…that’s actually me on the left, holding Deva’s book.)

My daughter had Deva sign a book for her at the event…and we never saw the kid’s face all through the dinner that followed because she was lost in the book. We’ve been Deva Fagan fans ever since.  Teacher-friends…you might remember Deva’s name – and her sage advice on revision – from my book, REAL REVISION: AUTHORS’ STRATEGIES TO SHARE WITH STUDENT WRITERS. She shared great stories on how she’s revised her novels, including the latest…

CIRCUS GALACTICUS is out today and is absolutely enchanting.  Brilliant and unique, it was a book that I was so sad to see end. Its title and cover capture the spirit of Deva Fagan’s outer-space circus story, which has all the fantastical mystique you’d expect, along with some emotions and situations that will feel very familiar to teens…including the idea that sometimes you have to travel far from home to find your heart. Highly recommended!