Books on the Move!

Last weekend, I had an author signing at The Bookstore Plus, a terrific independent bookstore in Lake Placid. In addition to signing for holiday shoppers in the store, I spent nearly three hours personalizing & signing books for students whose classes had Skype visits with me this fall. The Monday after my event, Sarah, one of the store owners, sent me a picture of all the books, boxed up and ready to be shipped to schools all over the country – from Georgia, to Maine, to California and everywhere in between.


Many thanks to Sarah, Marc, and Cherise for handling the phone calls, paperwork, and organization for this, and to all the teachers and librarians who offered their students the chance to order personalized, signed books.  They’re on the way!

2 Replies on “Books on the Move!

  1. Kate,

    We got our book this afternoon – perfect timing. I gave it to my daughter, Hannah, after her holiday concert tonight. Her first words, \”I can\’t wait to bring it into school and show my teacher that it is signed by my favorite author.\” I thought how cool that we both have the same favorite author.:)

    Thank you!
    Have a happy and safe holiday season!