Book signing…and signing…and signing…

Thanks for all of the good wishes on today’s Spitfire book signing.  It was so much fun and went well — 190 copies well.  The bookstore ran out, so my husband made two runs out to the van for more books.  (Thank you,

for telling me to bring extra, even if I thought I wouldn’t need them!)

Spitfire is about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to fight in a Revolutionary War battle on Lake Champlain — the Battle of Valcour Island.  So many people at today’s signing were history lovers, excited to share this story with their kids.  It made me smile.  Here are some pictures of today’s event for friends who weren’t there…

That’s me on the left and Bonnie Shimko, author of Letters in the Attic and Kat’s Promise, on the right.

Favorite book signing moment #1… signing books for some of my 7th grade students!

Favorite book signing moment #2… Looking up and seeing an actual line of people at the table.

Favorite book signing moment #3… Talking with teachers who plan to share Spitfire with their students.

The folks at Borders were fantastic — from general manager Jim who kept replenishing my pile to Taylor who met me at the door with a huge smile and helped me to get settled.  Thank you!  It was just a fantastic day.

I am overwhelmed, to say the least.  Also out of ink in my Sharpie.

Next weekend, I’ll be doing a presentation for kids and families in Medina, NY where I grew up and signing books in  Canandaigua, NY, where my parents live now.  Tonight, though, it’s time for a family bonfire on the beach, where I can hear the waves of Lake Champlain, see Valcour Island, and toast some of the real-life historical figures who are characters in Spitfire.  I think they would have been pleased today.

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  1. Kate, you look so pretty in that face-on photo with you and Bonnie. This is just the most wonderful post – it brought tears to my eyes – and I am SO happy for you. Congratulations and enjoy your family bonfire tonight. While I can’t have an actual s’more, I will have a spoon of Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme in your honour!!

  2. That’s wonderful!! 190 Books–wow!!!

    Sigh–I don’t think I’ll be doing too many signings given the content of my book. I’ll have to cross my fingers that the nice, clean middle grade I’m revising will sell and I don’t have to worry about corrupting minors.

  3. Hooray for you, Kate! I am so glad your first signing was a HUGE success … and not surprised in the least. Here’s to many more spectacular SPITFIRE events.

    Loree Burns

  4. Congrat’s!

    Kate, that is so wonderful – congratulations! I can’t wait to read the whole thing (didnt’ have time to finish last time we were in the ‘Haven). I hope it continues to take off and you sell a million!
    – Dan Ward

  5. Thank you! We had a wonderful bonfire (We torched last year’s Christmas tree, which we’ve been saving for a special occasion. The flames shot at least 15 feet into the air and sputtered and sparked wildly, so it was a perfect end to the day.) I loved your “almost s’more” on your blog, too!

  6. Why would you not do signings for your YA? Just because it’s not the right book for younger kids doesn’t mean no signings, does it? I’m perplexed. Laurie Halse Anderson writes edgier books, too, and I’m pretty sure she does very well at signings.

    Anyway – thanks for the congratulations. It was a terrific day.

  7. It was truly surreal. I said to my husband at the fire last night, “It almost feels like I’m dreaming.” And he said, “Yep…maybe you’ll wake up tomorrow and get another rejection letter for it. Wouldn’t that just stink after today?”

    Thanks for the good wishes – we really had a fantastic day.

  8. Spitfire back in stock at Borders Books & Music!!!

    Thanks Kate for a great author signing on Saturday. It is always rewarding to see local authors do well.

    We always hate to run out of books! In this case the high number sold helped ease the pain a little.

    We have a large quantity of Spitfire back the store and will keep ahead of the terrific demand.

    Congratulations on a great signing!


  9. Re: Spitfire back in stock at Borders Books & Music!!!

    Glad to hear the new shipment arrived! Thanks for the comment – and for a great first signing.

  10. It was really, really, really fun (even though I know I don’t really have to tell you that because you just did your first signing, too!) Congrats!

  11. Congratulations Kate!! 190 books sold…that’s terrific! How did your hand hold up?

    Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful day. …and I’ll bet you’re still smiling! Enjoy the journey!!