Are you cold yet?

If you’re not in the part of the world facing sub-zero temperatures this week, here’s a Lake Champlain sunrise to get  you into the spirit.

The thermometer reads -12 this morning, and the snow is squeaky.  It’s…well…a bit painful to be outside, but there is something about the extreme cold that produces extreme beauty, too.  For that, for hot chocolate, and for thick socks, I’m thankful.

7 Replies on “Are you cold yet?

  1. I was thinking this morning that surely the northeast is a bit confused, seeing as it’s only supposed to dip below zero in celsius. 🙂

  2. And for the Right Spirit(s)!

    And Russian tea with hunny & cranberries! Useful and yummy! Don’t care a fig about the temp ups & downs. But whitened sceneries are spectacular & hoarfrost sprays on panes are viewy as well! ;))