Announcing “Teachers Write!” A Virtual Summer Writing Camp for Teachers & Librarians

Teachers Write! is an online virtual summer writing camp for teachers and librarians who understand how important it is for people teaching writing to walk the walk. If you’re a teacher or librarian who would love to work on your own writing, we’d love to have you join us.

Here’s how it all works:

Location: (Post Category: TeachersWrite) New posts will be shared each weekday morning, and you can check in whenever it’s convenient.

Dates: June 4th– August 10th


Schedule is kind of an ugly word for summer, isn’t it? So let’s call this the plan-of-the-day instead. Feel free to participate in whatever floats your boat and skip the rest.

Mini-Lesson Mondays: Mondays will feature a mini-lesson on writing craft or logistics (how to make time has been a big question already!). I’ll share a workshop-style lesson with ideas, tips, and examples, and then there will be something to work on during the week. Or not. You can also just bookmark it for later. It’s summer, after all.

Tuesday Quick-Write: Tuesdays will feature a writing prompt that can be used to brainstorm new ideas or deepen your thinking on the project you’re working on now.

Wednesday Q and A: Ever wished you could just pick an author’s brain about how they do it?  Each Wednesday, we’ll have a post where anyone can ask questions about writing .  I’ll answer, along with an awesome panel of  author friends who come to visit.

Thursday Quick-Write: Like Tuesdays, Thursdays will feature a writing prompt that can be used to brainstorm new ideas or deepen your thinking on the project you’re working on now.

Friday Writing Happy Hour: Fridays will feature virtual lemonade and time to share anything you’d like – progress for the week, links to projects you’re proud of, snippets of writing that you like or want feedback on.  Author Gae Polisner will also be hosting a Feedback Friday on her blog, so feel free to stop by there as well to share your work & offer feedback to others.

Sunday Check-In – Weekends are for recharging, spending time with family and friends…and that includes online writing friends, too!  Amazing teacher-writer Jen Vincent is having a weekend get-together on her blog, Teach Mentor Texts.  Jen will be hosting an online writing group there. Each Sunday, she’ll be sharing reflections on her journey as a teacher who writes and encouraging others along the way. Think of it as a support group for writers, and head over there on Sundays to talk about goals, progress, struggles, and more.

Beyond these daily posts, you can expect the occasional surprise along the way – guest posts and some book giveaways for your classroom libraries, because teachers & librarians who write are worth celebrating.

Teachers Write! Virtual Summer Writing Camp Q and A

Who can join?

This writing camp is for teachers and librarians who work with kids of any age in any capacity. I’d ask that the Q and A and feedback requests be limited to them and the published authors who agree to help out, so the people who are working with kids get plenty of attention when it comes to mentoring and feedback.  If you’re not a teacher or librarian, you’re  still more than welcome to follow the posts and do the writing.

What does it cost?

 It’s free. If you’re a teacher or librarian who’s found this, you’ve probably put a lot of my books in a lot of kids’ hands already, or nominated them for state award lists, or reviewed them online, or purchased copies for your library.  I’m thankful for all of those things– and this seemed like a fun way to say so. The guest authors you’ll meet along the way are volunteering their time for the same reasons — because we appreciate teachers & librarians and value the work that you do.

Umm…I followed a link on Twitter and ended up here. Who are you, exactly?

Oh, hi! I’m Kate. I write books for kids of all ages, and I wrote a book about revision for teachers. I was a middle school English teacher for a long time and will never really get that out of my system.  You can explore my website links  to learn more. I’m visiting Mr. Schu’s Watch.Connect.Read.  blog today for an interview about my upcoming mystery for kids.  Mr. Schu and 4th grade teacher Colby Sharp recently chose my MARTY MCGUIRE books for their Twitter book club; you can read about that at SharpRead. I’m also guest-blogging about my love affair with encyclopedias at the Nerdy Book Club today. My favorite things are my family, being outside, reading, writing, and chocolate. All that should help you decide if you’d like to hang out here for the summer or not. I’m friendly, I promise.

What if I’m brand new at this whole writing thing?

Then the Teachers Write! Virtual Summer Writing Camp is especially for you. Welcome. You don’t need a license or a creative writing degree or permission from anyone to be a writer. All you need is the desire to write. Beginners and experienced writers are all welcome. Don’t worry… you can go at your own pace and only share what you want to share.  If you’re happier lurking as a stealth writing camp member, that’s okay, too.

So will you respond to our questions and give us feedback?

Yes. But be patient with me, okay? I have two big writing deadlines and some book travel this summer and marshmallows to roast, too, so it may take me a while for me to approve and reply to all the comments sometimes. The good news is that this camp can run quite nicely even if I’m away. Daily posts will be scheduled, and all of you can cheer one another on and provide feedback. Our guest authors will be around to help with that, too.

What if I can’t start until later? And what if I’ll be on vacation the last week of July?

That’s fine. Sign up. Join us when you can. Take breaks whenever you like. We’ll keep your lemonade cold while you’re away.

How do I sign up?

Added on 6/2: I was originally having people sign up via comments…but at this point, I need to stop approving all those comments and get back to working on our camp agenda!  You are welcome to sign up for camp at ANY time during the summer, though. Even if I don’t get a chance to welcome you personally, please know that I’m thrilled to have you join us.

To sign up, please click here to visit the current Google sign-up doc and leave your name, where you teach and what you teach, and your online contact info (Twitter, blogs, etc.) Thanks!!

If you tweet about writing camp along the way, please use the hashtag #TeachersWrite to help facilitate the conversation on Twitter.

If you’re on Facebook, you may also want to join the TeachersWrite! group there so you can connect with other members & receive notifications. Just go here & click on the “Join Group” button on the top right of the page. It may take me a day or so to approve your membership, but then you’ll be able to see all the members & links.

Hey… Why do you want all that information?  Are you going to stalk me?

No. Your name & role are to help me figure out who’s participating as a teacher/librarian and how to tailor the workshops.  I’d love to know where (generally) you work because occasionally when I travel for conferences, I have time to sneak in a local school visit, and I’d like to be able to let you know about that if I’m in your part of the world.  Items 3-4 are to make it easier for Teachers Write! Summer Writing Campers to connect and stay connected for writing support and critique groups if you so choose.  I’m going to share a list of participants on the blog so you can find one another easily.  If you don’t want your name/info shared here, you can email it to me instead (kmessner at kate messner dot com).  I do hope you’ll consider connecting with one another, though, because there’s so much value in being part of a writing community.

Either way, I promise not to use any of this information to stalk you.  And if I do, I will be wearing a big floppy hat and those glasses with the fake nose & mustache, so you’ll never know it’s me anyway.

Got Questions?

Fire away – and if you know you’d like to join us, go ahead and leave  your name & info in the comments. Watch for an exciting list of Teachers Write! guest authors soon, and next week, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get writing!

Note: 1st-time commenters on this blog need to be approved, so don’t worry if your question or sign-up comment doesn’t appear right away. I promise to get to them all by the end of the day.

1,229 Replies on “Announcing “Teachers Write!” A Virtual Summer Writing Camp for Teachers & Librarians

    1. 1. Heather Corral
      2. 8th Language Arts Teacher
      3. @heathercorral
      4. website is under construction – not happy with current one.

    2. I am a former elementary educator and now teach elementary education literacy courses at the university level. I am so excited about this opportunity! Thank you!

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for organizing this!! I’m so excited to join. My name is Jenna and I teach 6thrade language arts in Villa Hills KY. @jennasthings

  2. Hi Kate,

    This sounds amazing, and I’m excited to help spread the word. I’m also a little nervous to commit–I’m too busy, aren’t I?–but I think my hesitation has more to do with fear than busyness. (Interesting that my VCFA lecture was on fear . . . ) But you’re flexible and it’s an incredible opportunity, so I’m in!

    My name is Kellye Crocker, and since January I’ve been working as a youth services librarian assistant at the Urbandale Public Library in suburban Des Moines, Iowa. I work with all ages, from toddlers to teens (LOVE!) and oversee the YA collection, including ordering. I’m @kelcrocker on Twitter. I have a fledgling website at, which needs to be updated, and I haven’t blogged since 2007 (except for a photo a day project I did last year on posterous.)

    I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone! Thank you again for your amazing generosity.


    1. Happy to have you here, Kellye – and no worries about the commitment. You can join us whenever it works and maybe bookmark other posts to return to when things aren’t so busy.

  3. Tammy Delaney
    6th Grade Reading/Language Arts Teacher
    Spencer Community Schools, Spencer, IA

    This will rock! Great idea. 🙂 I can’t wait to learn with everyone.

  4. I’m so very excited for this and grateful for your willingness to put it together for us teachers and librarians! Thank you! Here is my info that you asked for:

    Carrie Garrison
    5th Grade Cluster teacher at C.W. Harris Elementary, Phoenix, AZ
    (no blog these days)

  5. I’d love to join your Teachers Write. I work as a freelance writer and homeschool my son – hope I still qualify. I love writing for others and have a hard time writing just for myself! 🙂

    Jessica Whitmore
    I have homeschooled my son for the past three years and teach writing classes at our homeschool co-op. I’m in the Western Suburbs of Philadelphia.


  6. I’ve been looking for something just like this! Thanks so much!

    Valorie Engholm
    GED teacher at YouthBuild KCK, Kansas City
    No website

  7. I teach 7th grade math in a small k-12 school. I also have over 1500 books in my classroom library that I share with students (even some that have graduated).
    Find me @childofthe80s on twitter and

  8. Wheeeeee! Gurrrrrl, this is going to be amazing, thank youuuu! I’m a 2nd/3rd grade highly capable teacher in Federal Way, WA. I’m @MsHoughton on The Twitters.

  9. This is just what I needed this summer. I’m planning to finish the first draft and hopefully at least one revision of my current YA WIP before school begins in August.

    Kelly D. Vorhis
    10th-grade English, Creative Writing, Advanced Composition, Academic Team Coach
    NorthWood HS, Nappanee, IN

    Hoping to get ideas about starting a teen writing club as well as hone my own writing skills.

  10. Sounds like an incredible experience… Thank You!

    Kelly Ickes
    3rd Grade Teacher

    (another summer project to redo the blog… nothing active right now)

  11. I’m Jan Hamilton; I teach language arts to 8th graders in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Twitter is @JanHamilton7
    This sounds fun. Thank you!

  12. This sounds like what I’ve been needing to push me along. I’m not a teacher or librarian, but I do have a 5yr old that devours books and who has renewed my love of writing. We are moving to Cape Town, South Africa in September, and I am hoping to work with Litworld to create libraries in townships there. I am extremely excited about that opportunity!

    I would love to join your group.

    Carole Lindstrom

  13. Here’s my info:
    Kathleen Armstrong
    Twitter @ kwarmstrong
    I teach 5th grade Language Arts at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS) in St.Louis, MO.

    I love this opportunity. I haven’t had a writing group for years and I miss it. I will tell colleagues in my department too.

  14. I’m in! My name is Deb Day and I teach high school English 9, Creative Writing, Speech and Drama in Cresco, Iowa. I’ve been really working on putting my teaching where my mouth is, but lately the writing has been taking a back seat to everything else. This will be the kick start I need.

    My blog is called Coffee With Chloe and it can be found at
    My twitter name is @mrsday75

    Can’t wait to get started.

  15. Micki Fryhover
    7th grade language arts teacher, Wichita, Ks

    Thank you, Kate, for setting this up. This truly is a gift!! I am STOKED!!

  16. This is going to be so great, Kate! I am excited to see everything you come up with and all the writing that will come with it!

    I’m Jen Vincent, I am a hearing itinerant teacher in a large district in north-western suburbs of Chicago. I work at 7 different schools with students who are deaf and hard of hearing in grades K – 12. I do know sign language and can speak Spanish, too!

    I tweet at @mentortexts and blog at

    Thank you for all of this Kate! It’s going to be great!

  17. Erica Ford
    6th L. A. In Highlands Ranch, Colorado

    Thanks do much. I’m looking forward to this!

  18. Moving from 7th reading and English to third grade self contained. Looking forward to the change.
    Huber Heights, Ohio

  19. I am so excited about this! Jen and I were brainstorming ways to do this and this is even better than I could have come up with! Thanks Kate and Jen!

    John Scovill
    Twitter handle: johnlit360
    I teach 5th grade (I believe)

    I can’t wait for this and I am super excited!!!

  20. Sooo excited for this!
    Grade 3 teacher- Berlin, Germany

    Thanks, Kate, for offering this great opportunity!

  21. 3rd grade teacher
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I can’t wait to improve my writing skills! 🙂

  22. I teach 6th, 9th, and 10th Grade English at a small private school in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Sara Lewis Holmes is my sister-in-law and how I found out about this. Sounds fun! Interested in your book about revision, too. 🙂 Thank you!
    My twitter: mrslewislps
    My blog for my teacher identity: Mrs. Lewis Thinks on WordPress
    My blog for myself: Surly Gurlie also on WordPress

  23. Greetings,
    My name is Judy Twetten. I teach K-8 Gifted and Talented in Cresco, IA. Writing scares me and I have the least experience with writing. But would like to follow in some of my students’ writer footsteps. 🙂

    I having been taking online college classes the last few years, I think writing may lead to a better fit for me. I decided to sign up because of your line ” “If you’re happier lurking as a stealth writing camp member, that’s okay, too.” 🙂

    Just started doing Twitter. @jtteachercresco

    My school website-
    Started blogging last year & love it.

    1. Hi, Judy! It’s okay that writing scares you (though I hope we’ll change that!), and I think it’s awesome that you’re here. Welcome!

  24. Christy Newsham z
    Kindergarten teacher at Tillman Elementary in Kirkwood,Mo.
    No twitter acct.
    Just starting a blog, haven’t published anything yet!

  25. Maria Selke
    I’m a gifted resource teacher (K-5) in Pennsylvania.
    I’ve been through the PA writing and lit project (a branch of NWP) but it’s been years since I wrote any fiction!

    I am mselke01 on Twitter
    I recently started blogging at

  26. Sue Fauser
    Elementary SpEd (written language small group/individual instruction)
    Volunteer adult literacy tutor

    What a wonderful idea, thanks for implementing it!

  27. Hi – This sounds right up my alley. With a one-year old at
    home, I had planned on staying out of PD’s and trainings as much as possible this summer, but now I’ve got a potentially great naptime activity.

    1. 7th grade language arts teacher
    2. Kentucky
    What else did you need? I am theoretically on twitter but haven’t done anything with it in over a year. I am on facebook a lot and my username there is just my name.

    1. Naptime is perfect for writing – that’s when bunches of my first book got written (before my daughter decided naps weren’t her thing.) Welcome!

  28. Susan Young
    9th-11th grade English teacher
    Atlanta, GA

    Eager to get some help with my self-discipline for summer writing :-).

  29. I am looking forward to improving my writing skills. I plan on taking classes online for my MA and I hope this will really help me. Plus I tell my students to continue learning over the summer, I need to also…lol

  30. What a great way for us to practice what we preach! My name is Angela Jones and I teach fifth grade in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Twitter @Jones4225

  31. Mara Southorn
    6-8 Reading Specialist, Naperville, IL
    No website yet!

  32. Retired 8th grade English teacher who wants to write and needs the structure of something like this! I also like the idea of a schedule..even in the summer. How nice of you to encourage all of us. No Twitter , no Blog, just a head full of ideas!

  33. Your name: Emily S.
    Your role and city/town where you work: Elementary Education graduate student, soon to be student teaching in Rexburg, Idaho
    Your Twitter name, if you’re on Twitter: @Darth_Chic
    Your blog or website, if you have one:

    This is fantastic! I’m so excited to be a part of this…I’m almost done with my graduate program and working on writing my own novel. This will be perfect. Thank you!!

  34. Hi Kate

    So excited for this opportunity.

    Karen Cingiser
    3rd and 4th grade teach in Moretown, Vermont
    No blog at the moment…perhaps this will push me to blog again

  35. Name: Dana Schreiner
    Role: Currently a literacy coach in a K-6 building but I am going back to teaching next year and will be teaching English as a Second Language to students in grade K as well as students new to country in grades 4, 5, and 6 during the 2012-2013 school year.
    Twitter: @teacherdbs

    This is awesome Katie! Thank you!!!

    1. Oh… and I am in a suburb of Minneapolis (I need to learn to read/write directions) 😉

  36. Michelle Kane
    8th grade English and 7th grade Reading
    No Twitter or website yet
    I am also an aspiring writer and degree in Writing for Children from Simmons!

  37. I saw this floating around the Twitter-verse and thought it sounded like a great idea! 🙂 I’m hardly a writer, but love to teach it, so why not?

    My name is Darin Johnston, and right now, I’m a 5th grade literacy and science teacher in Elgin, Iowa but this may change at any second! 🙂 Thanks for giving us this opportunity to stretch our minds this summer!

    Twitter name: @AnIowaTeacher

    My blog:

  38. Lori Trisler
    5th grade teacher
    Wichita, KS

    Looking forward to rediscovering an old love.

    1. Your comment made me smile – I spent a long time away from fiction writing in my 20s & rediscovered stories in my 30s. Hope you have a great summer with us!

  39. I am a grade K-12 Library Media Specialist.
    Twitter: @cjd1030
    No website at this time 🙂

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn and grow.

    1. And I love you right back. (Angie is one of my friends & fellow speakers from the 2012 TED Conference, everybody!) Glad you’re joining us!

  40. Hi Kate;
    I am a Public Librarian for all ages. We run a writing group for adults once a week, and this would be great to keep myself creative. Thanks. I don’t have twitter, but I do email



  41. This is JUST what I need this summer! I want to do more writing but don’t make the time to do so. Thank you!

    I teach 4th/5th grade at an independent school in Philadelphia, PA.
    musingteacher is my twitter name.
    I have a blog but haven’t posted anything in a while. (

  42. Rebecca Stephenson
    6th grade language arts in Winchester, VA
    Twitter: MsAvonlea (Though I’m a relative twitter newbie)

    What a great idea! I have always enjoyed writing, but often need motivation to actually make time for it like I should. Hopefully this will help. 😉 Thanks!

  43. Hooray! It’s my goal to write every day this summer, and I have a feeling this will be fantastic motivation.

    1. Megan Dincher
    2. I’m actually a pre-service teacher studying at Miami University to teach high school English, and I’ll be student teaching abroad in Luxembourg in the fall.
    3. @mdinch
    4. Don’t have one–yet!

  44. What a fantastic opportunity!

    I am Head of Modern Languages and Director of eLearning at Berkhamsted School, UK. I teach 11-18 year olds French and Spanish.
    Twitter: @elearninglaura

  45. Hi! This sounds like a great summer project! My name is Kim Vance, @mrsvance on twitter. Currently without a blog, although, I hope to correct that this summer also. I am at St. Boniface Catholic school in Cincinnati, OH. I teach English LA for grade 6 and Social Studies for grade 6 – 8. Looking forward to this project.

    1. There’s nothing to be afraid of – I suspect if you read & teach, you’re already a writer. You just need to get comfortable calling yourself one!

  46. I am an 8th grade ELA teacher who desperately needs to devote more time to writing. I am looking forward to this opportunity. Thank you for making it happen.
    Twitter name @aldc2

  47. Kerry Ciccone
    3rd grade teacher

    This is exactly what I need to be a better teacher of writing! Thanks.

  48. Excited and nervous to join
    Meghan Fatouros
    PK-5 elementary school librarian. Arlington, VA
    Twitter: mmflibrary

  49. Susan Wright
    6th Grade Reading Teacher
    Rowlett (Dallas), TX
    Twitter: @wrightsb32
    An avid reader who is always being told
    I should write a book! Maybe I should.
    Thought this would be a good place to start.
    Thanks for doing this! Authors are the nicest people!

  50. 5th grade
    Twitter -kkilpatrick7
    No blog, yet, hoping to get it together this summer

    I am so thrilled to be working with you and the amazing teachers on Twitter. Yeah for writing camp!

  51. I’m in! Thanks so much for doing this, Kate! I also passed the word on to a few teacher friends. 🙂

    Your name: Sarah
    Your role: HS English teacher/ Lincroft, NJ
    Your Twitter name, if you’re on Twitter: @thereadingzone
    Your blog or website, if you have one:

  52. Yay! Just what I needed!
    1. Audrey
    2. in between roles..may be a high school English teacher OR may be a high school library/ media specialist when we come back in August. Who knows?!
    3. twitter audreyw222 (I think?)

  53. I teach 11th and 12th grade English in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. This sounds like a great plan — I’ll do my best to write something this summer!

  54. Hi Kate,
    I’m excited! A very observant parent of a student called me today to tell me about your writing camp. I was thrilled.
    I’m Denise Krebs
    I teach 7th-8th grade in a small school in Granville, Iowa–language arts and social studies and one science thrown in for fun.
    Twitter: @mrsdkrebs

    Thanks again. Looking forward to it!

  55. Thank you for this opportunity!
    Michelle Copland
    Grade 4 teacher-Westborough, MA
    Twitter name: mdcopland

  56. Kate,
    Writing Camp sounds fantastic and the perfect addition to my summer plans. Looking forward to sharpening my skills to benefit teachers, students, and myself!
    Thank you!!
    Name: Kellie
    Role: Reading Specialist
    Town: Lake Bluff, IL
    Twitter: @kellie_bae

  57. What a great idea! I just decided to plan out a summer schedule for writing, so thanks, I’d love to join! I heard you at NESCBWI this year and you were great, and I’ve used your Real Revision book for my own inspiration and recommended it to teachers. I’m a K-5 library teacher in Wellesley, MA and have been writing a blog in the voice of my stubborn foxhound for almost three years:

  58. Name: Terry Turner
    Role: Currently working as a paraeducator in a self contained preschool class in Essex, CT. (Awesome job). I finished my certification for school librarianship this year (I already had my MLS) and am applying for jobs as a library media specialist, so I’m pretty sure I kind of qualify for this, right?
    Twitter: I have a name somewhere but don’t participate.
    Website: I have a blog at but of course, I haven’t blogged since January, and if I had the discipline to blog more regularly I might not be needing a course like this so desperately.

    I was sent here by a post on Loree Griffin Burns’ facebook page.
    Thank you!

  59. Name: Bobbi Capwell
    Role:Technology Integration Specialist at 2 PK -5 Title 1 schools
    Just started my blog. I am not a writer and excited to do this camp. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  60. Jan Jarrell
    Community College English & ESOL
    No blog or web site

    Super happy that you’re doing this! Thanks!

  61. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the opportunity. My name is Athena Meacham. I teach 2nd grade in Roseville, CA.

  62. This sounds like fun! I am a Teacher Consultant for the Area 3 Writing Project. I teach 4th grade. This is my 37th year of teaching (yes, I AM old)!

  63. What an incredible idea, Kate. I can’t wait to participate and share with every teacher I know. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Donna Santman
    Literacy Consultant / Author
    Home Base: NYC
    Work – all over USA

    1. Hi Donna! I believe we worked together a looooong time ago. I believe you were a consultant through Teacher’s College?

  64. I’m in!

    Jennifer Sisul
    Principal- Robinson Elementary, Kirkwood, Missouri
    Twitter: ok, I have no idea, I just stay logged in so I can read smart people’s wise words.


  65. 1. Ashley
    2. 10th grade English, 12th grade English, Journalism, Composition, and Yearbook
    3. @ashleybz
    4. No blog at the moment!

  66. I’m Marquin Parks. I am a 5th grade teacher, author, and consultant with the NWP

    I would love to participate as much as possible. My writing goal for this summer is to finish my 6th chapter book and get book two ready to be published. I am willing to write and available to speak as an author.

  67. Hi! I req. to join the FB group.

    I’m Barbara in real life but am also MISS BARB to bunches of munchkins in my job as a children’s librarian in a public library in North Huntingdon PA. Summer is my BUSIEST time since school is out, and I have to run my Summer Reading program, but I do submit to a local paper every few weeks and would like to start writing more, so I welcome feedback.

  68. I am a Learning Disabilities Specialist at Hollis Upper Elementary School, Hollis ,NH
    Twitter: nancy55

    This is an exciting opportunity! Thank you, Nancy

  69. Hi, Kate. Thanks for doing this. Because I have no sense, I’m teaching summer school, which makes me wonder how well I’ll keep up here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let’s go.

    1. Gary Anderson
    2. High school English teacher
    3. Palatine, Illinois
    4. Twitter: @AndersonG
    5. My blog:

    1. The great thing about virtual writing camp is that you can show up when you can show up. Open 24-hours. That sort of thing. Glad you’re joining us!

  70. I currently teach 5th grade ELA at Monument Valley Middle School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I’m @gilkatgil on twitter and blog at (Gillis and Her Big Mouth). I’m excited to do this, although my summer vacation doesn’t begin until June 20th!

  71. Yay! I’ll be involved (in and out because of travels) as much as possible.

    Kristy Dempsey
    Preschool – 12th grade
    American School of Belo Horizonte

  72. Yay! This sounds like fun!

    Joy Olenick
    6th Grade Literacy Coach
    Council Bluffs, IA
    Twitter: @JoyOlenick

  73. I’m excited about this!! I’m a K-2 Literacy Coordinator and Coach. I am co-teaching in a Kindergarten next year and can’t wait! I work in Apalachin, New York.
    Twitter— @Pamhrtn

  74. Hi Kate!
    Scrolling through all of the participants, I can now see why you are feeling a little overwhelmed! Thank you for offering and coordinating this amazing opportunity.
    My name is Kristin Bispels. I work at an elementary school in northern Chester County, PA. I am a Reading Specialist and teach kids from K-6th grade. On twitter, I am @KristinBispels .
    My life as a writer began in the late 1970s when my 3rd grade teacher published my poem on purple ditto paper. (I still have it- is that dorky or creepy?) I aspire to be like her- a spark of inspiration to my students. I’m so excited! 🙂

    1. I’m overwhelmed in the very best possible way – no worries. We’ll find a way to make this work with however many teachers & librarians want to sign up. I’m excited you’re joining us!

  75. Excited about the possibilities!
    Sharon Leerar
    Gifted instructor/coordinator, grades 3-8
    Hudsonville Christian School, Hudsonville, MI

  76. Hi, Kate! This sounds fantastic. I’m busily trying to finish a novel this summer, and this sounds like a great place to hang out.

    Name: Kate Armstrong
    What I Teach: 8th and 11th grade English and 11/12th grade Creative Writing (in Rockville, MD)
    Twitter Name: @katejermain

    Looking forward to it!

  77. I am a fourth grade teacher & have been for 13 years. I keep joking that I am going to write a book with all the funny & unusual things that have happened, esp. this year. On twitter I am hshaner. I look forward to participating!

  78. I can’t wait to write and share! Thank you, Kate.

    Rachel Harcrow
    Language Arts teacher grades 6-12
    from Yuma, Arizona

    1. Happy to see you here, Adam! (And umm….no…I didn’t anticipate this response and am blown away & overwhelmed but excited. We will find a way to make this work with however many teachers/librarians want to join us, though. I think it’s great!)

  79. Katie Wheeler
    Junior High English and Theatre
    Cheyenne, Wy

    I love this idea! Thank you so much!

  80. I am excited to join this summer experience. I will be on vacation a lot of the summer but look forward to participating when I can.

    Kristel Nichols
    4th grade

  81. Theresa Ahmad
    3rd grade in Cerritos, CA
    No twitter or website

    Looking forward to rediscovering the joy of writing and improving my writing instruction!

  82. 1) Maria Coble
    2) I will graduate May 4, 2013 with a degree to teach English to 7th-12th grade students.

  83. Wow, this is already an amazing group! Thanks Kate, and Jen, for doing. My summer is looking good and now this is also just fun to think about. I am a literacy coach, former longtime middle school ungraded class – independent school in Denver, CO. I’ve always written with my students, but can also always improve my writing, & I’d love support in inspiring the teachers with whom I work to write too! @LBaie

  84. Amy Ball
    4th grade ELA teacher in Texas.
    I don’t have Twitter or a blog yet, but plan on joining the Facebook group.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  85. I am really excited about this opportunity to work with you and other Writing teachers! My name is Cheree Holmes; I teach 8th grade Language Arts in Jonesboro, GA.

  86. 5-8 language arts/reading teacher
    Lake City, Florida
    no twitter, but I do have Facebook where I signed up!

  87. Leanna Morton
    First grade teacher
    Basin, Wyoming

    No twitter or blog, but I did request to join the Facebook group.

  88. Magen Slesinger
    Elementary School Music Teacher (K-5)
    No twitter or website yet, but I’ll find you on facebook.
    I’m excited about this opportunity to practice… thank you for providing!

  89. Nine years teaching sixth grade Language Arts. Would love to join. I tried on Facebook and it wouldn’t let me 🙁

    1. Welcome, Kristi! FB group memberships go to me for approval, and I’m just catching up this morning. (So much happens on the Internet while you’re asleep!)

  90. Hola!

    I’m a high school English teacher originally from Canada but now working in Mexico City.

    I teach grades 9, 11 and sometimes 12; next year’s courses are still in flux.

    I can be found on Twitter under the handle @df_dixie.

  91. Ann Yenne
    Literacy Resource Teacher
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    No blog yet, but I’ve been thinking of starting one. This might just be what I need to get moving.

  92. ELA teacher for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade gifted/talented students
    Red Cedar Elementary School, Bluffton, SC
    Twitter: virginiagp

  93. I teach sixth graders in Ashburn, VA. I am an English teacher. Thanks for this cool opportunity! I included my blog, even though it’s not focused on education. Oh and at twitter, I’m @Mhaseltine .

    Thanks again!

  94. I saw this shared on facebook and was so excited. I hope I am one of those that can qualify to participate in this summer activity.
    I have a literacy/music program for early learners 3mos – 5yrs. I implement my program in ece centers in Atlanta, Ga. (I only started writing this January and have never taken a writing class. I only know I want/have to write).
    Twitter: @MyLMNOP

  95. 1. Arpi Greco
    2. Grade 4/5 teacher
    3. @arpigreco
    4. Website in the near future…

    This is very exciting!

  96. 4th Grade Teacher
    Huntington Beach, CA

    Thanks for doing this! I’m writing my first novel. Snippets of many exist.

  97. I teach fourth grade in Manhattan Beach, California.
    I will also be leading professional development for Head Start teachers and paraprofessionals during the 2012-13 school year.

  98. I teach fourth grade in Concord,CA.
    No Twitter or blog. I am excited to hear from middle school and high school teachers, as I feel like elementary is trying so hard to set a strong foundation in writing, but not getting too far…

  99. Things I am hopeful for this summer: my entry into the world of Twitter; the start up of a new blog (or two) so that my blogs can be purposeful, rather than a jumbled all-in-one of my entire life, as is; the opportunity to connect with other writers so that I can grow as a writer, and a teacher of writing! Yippee! So excited! Thanks for arranging the opportunity! 🙂

    Name: jen baumgarten
    Twitter: see above – hopefully soon to come!
    Role: Learning Specialist (aka – I specialize in Reading Intervention, but oversee all intervention programs in my building, and I do some coaching)

    I think I have covered my bases… I hope! 🙂

  100. This sounds like a lot of fun! Our professional development this fall will be focused on writing so I am super excited about doing this to gear up for it.

    1. SO excited I forgot to leave my info…:-)

      5th grade teacher; Twin Cedars Elementary, Bussey, Iowa

  101. This should be fun!
    I teach 6th grade self contained classroom in Santa Rosa, California.

  102. Sandy B
    Literacy coach, K-5, Oakland, CA
    Library media specialist
    Book lover, wannabe writer (so I can write with my teachers and students)

  103. Wow, I’m so excited for this opportunity! Thanks for offering!
    Registration info:
    Cheri Hart
    Currently 5th grade but may change at the end of the is year
    No Twitter account
    No blog but it’s a goal!

  104. Twitter is @glennmccarty

    I teach HS ELA near Rochester, NY. Project this summer is massively revising my middle grade adventure manuscript which was “finished” this spring. Ha. I was naive enough to think it was done then. Foolish mortal.

  105. I just bought Real Revision and it’s in my summer reading pile!
    Kim Oldenburgh
    Grade 2, College Seminar Instructor for Student Interns, Maine Writing Project Teaching Consultant
    Orono, Maine

  106. Gail Stevens
    7th grade language arts teacher
    Wake County Public Schools, Raleigh, NC

    Hi Kate,
    Very excited to be a part of this endeavor! I will be busy this summer writing curriculum for the county (implementing CCSS into 7th grade language arts), but hope to find the time for some personal writing.

  107. Rachel Wahlquist
    4th grade homeroom teacher
    Not on Twitter (yet)
    No blog (yet)

    Looking forward to doing this!

  108. Rachel Wahlquist
    4th grade homeroom teacher
    Berlin Brandenburg International School
    Berlin, Germany
    Not on Twitter (yet)
    No blog (yet)

    Looking forward to doing this!

  109. Greetings!

    I am Brandie T. I teach high school English (Lit, Comp, Poetry, and dual credit English 100) in rural Kentucky, and I serve as a leader for the National Writing Project.

    I am excited to work with this community of writers! Thank yor for the support and encouragement!

  110. Tracey Pinch (so excited to join!!)
    7th grade Language Arts
    Sherman Middle School
    Holly, MI
    Not a twitterer
    Web page in process

  111. JaNhea Stephens
    Captain of the Grammar Police
    Ft. Myers, Florida

    Language Arts Instructor – 8th Grade
    Drama Instructor – 6th, 7th, 8th Grades

    My students helped me come up with a brilliant idea for a young adult novel. I am hoping to spend this summer writing it, and being part of this group may help me keep my focus.

  112. Thanks for offering this! I’ll be a pop in writer, but I will try to get on fairly frequently!

    Pam Taylor
    Full Day Kindergarten
    Brampton, ON, Canada
    Twitter: @spammela22

  113. sitwittwit@twitter
    First grade teacher turned Instructional Coach turned Freelance Writer turning right back around to teaching 3rd and 4th graders in the writing lab in 2012-2013. Couldn’t be more excited!

    Thank your loads and loads for this opportunity!

  114. Hi. I am a special education teacher. I teach 3-5 grade at a children’s hospital in New York.

  115. I’m excited to join in the merriment and fun. Can’t wait to learn something new this summer. I teach 5th grade in Waterford MI. I have a twitter account, but never posted anything on it and don’t know the name. I don’t have a blog, yet. Maybe I will be inspired to try something else new.

  116. Hi. I am a special education teacher. I teacher 3-5 grades at a children’s hospital in New York.

  117. I am Tracey Nelson, and a 7th grade Language Arts teacher in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am currently not on Twitter.
    I implemented Kate’s Revision book last year in my classroom with great success!

  118. I finally scrolled all the way down. So many people, so exciting adventure. Way to tap into such a powerful group, teachers wielding their writing skills once the students leave….

    1. Kenny Yim
    2. High school teacher

  119. 1. TSJ
    2. Middle School, Special Education Language Arts Teacher, Cranford, NJ
    3. No Twitter account 🙂
    4. I LOVE writing and am excited to join the group!

  120. Yay! Summer camp for teachers that sounds like fun!
    Bernadette Vitale
    4th Grade Language Arts teacher, Ocean Springs, MS
    @bernrice (don’t do much with this though)
    haven’t figured out the blog thing yet

    Thank you for doing this!

  121. 1. Monica McCormack
    2. Gifted Resource Teacher; located in Fussa, Japan (at a US Air Base)
    3. N/A
    4. N/A

    Can’t wait to see what we learn!

  122. 2nd grade teacher

    Looking forward to helpful tips to teach writing…

  123. Hi! I’m a 5th grade teacher at West Hill School in Rocky Hill, CT. And this school year will be the completion of my 34th year in Rocky Hill! I can’t quite believe it! I only wish that all the opportunities, such as this writing camp, that technology has to offer was around 34 years ago. New teachers are very lucky.

    I am very excited to have this chance to write and learn. Looking forward to it!

  124. Please sign me up for the Writer’s camp! I am a high school librarian and former English teacher. I was one of the first district trainer’s for the New Jersey Writing Project in Texas. I miss time to write!

    My twitter name is dlpierce2.

  125. Tonya Stivers
    7th grade English/Language Arts
    Oldham County Middle School
    Don’t twitter
    Website being rebuilt

    Very excited about this opportunity. I will be unable to attend the first full week, but can start up on the 10th.

  126. 1. Megan Van Loon
    2. 7th Grade LA/LIT Teacher, Arlington Heights, IL until June 6th then transitioning out to Seattle, WA.

    I can’t wait to start this as my summer project!

  127. 1. Terri Stauffer
    2. 6th grade language arts and 8th grade reading teacher
    3. East Clinton Middle School, Lees Creek, Ohio
    4. @terristauffer
    5. No blog. I love reading other blogs.
    I can’t wait to learn more for everyone.

  128. Thank you for this opportunity!

    Wendy Fairon
    Chico Country Day School in northern California
    7th and 8th grade English

  129. My assignment was changed from 8th grade Spanish to 5th grade ELA! This will be a huge help to get me ready for teaching writing this fall.
    Boone Middle School
    5h Grade ELA and Social Studies
    I don’t twitter or blog (yet).

  130. Susan 7th grade ELA
    Hamilton, Virginia
    Twitter name: sfm00sfm
    I’m so excited about this opportunity. THank you! (I’m in London from June 21-July 12 but I may be able to check in there.)

  131. 1. Gerard Sukhram
    2. Still in school, getting my masters in teaching! 🙂
    3. Well, I go to the University of South Florida.
    4. @GerardSukhram
    5. though I haven’t used it much yet.

    This sounds awesome! Thanks for doing this 😀

  132. Love Twitter! @meg_allison and I also manage @MoretownSchool

    I am the library teacher and technology integration specialist. Looking to make a new blog for reflection and resource sharing. The one listed is one I use to blog with my students.

    *See* you on Skype next week 🙂


  133. Can’t wait!

    6-8 Language Arts and Reading Teacher
    7th Grade Religion
    Green Bay, WI


  134. Kate,
    I am so excited you are hosting this summer camp! I have heard you speak at several conferences and my own girls love your books.
    Georgia Parker
    English 8 Teacher @ Trinity Prep School
    Winter Park, Florida!/gksparker

  135. Kate- You rock! Thanks so much to you and all the other authors for givng so generously of your time!

    1. Teresa Bunner
    2. Academic Support Specialist (and 20yr veteran classroom teacher). I will actually be hosting a 4 day writing camp in July for our high schoolers!
    3. @rdngteach
    4. Uh, yeah, my blog. Think I’ll wait to share that until I start doing some writing. It has cobwebs!

    Can’t wait!!!

  136. I am a retired elementary school teacher and worked in our district’s curriculum office. Currently I am living in Iowa and volunteer in an area elementary school.

  137. Beth Friese
    My “role” is in flux right now. I’m a Library Media Specialist who is about to finish her PhD. Looking for a place to land!
    I’m @librarybeth on twitter.
    Looking forward to being a part of this community!

  138. Nancy Kampfe
    Retired English teacher with 30 years experience, most recently taught ninth graders.
    I live in South Dakota and substitute teach regularly.

    What a wonderful opportunity this is for me to get back to daily writing! Thank you, Kate.

  139. So…I was sitting here planning how to start a writers group of teachers in our school district and wondering if I would get any responses and WHAM! This invitation falls in my lap. Some things are just meant to be. Thank you, Kate, for hosting this!
    Mary Meihaus
    K-5 Library Media Specialist
    Kirkwood School District
    St. Louis, Mo.
    No tweet, no blog, no website

  140. Susan Spengeman

    I teach AP Literature, 10 Honors, Introduction to Journalism, and Newspaper in Loudoun County. Ever since attending the Northern Virginia Writing Project, I always say I’m going to start writing again, but something always gets in the way. This sounds perfect to help motivate me to write this summer.

  141. Carol Ann Osler
    I teach little ones in Head Start.
    Salt Lake City, Ut.
    I am so excited.

  142. Hello! I am a student teacher. Is it possible for me to do this or is it just for full time teachers?

  143. What a great opportunity! Thanks for arranging it! Here’s my information:
    1. Colleen Milligan
    2. 6th/7th Grade Language Arts teacher
    3. Have Twitter acct., but can’t find it..arrghhh!
    4. Have blog, but have neglected it….as you can see…I need this!

  144. Jaime Mendelis
    Instructional Coach / 8th grade ELA
    Owego-Apalachin Middle School, Owego, NY

    So excited!

  145. Hi Kate –
    I’d love to help you as a guest published author. Let me know what might work best for you.
    What a great idea!!!
    Jean Reidy

  146. Wow, this is awesome! I’m happy to see several of my friends from Slice of Life Tuesdays here! 🙂
    I’m Jennifer Mitchell.
    Through tomorrow, I’m a 6th & 7th grade Spanish teacher. Next year I’m plunging into teaching high school ELL, which is why this is perfect for me — I need all the help I can get this summer from wonderful teachers of writing! I teach in Dublin, OH.
    Not on Twitter because I already feel like I’m drowning in ideas!
    I blog at

  147. 1. Mrs. S
    2. 1st/2nd grade teacher all subjects
    3. no twitter
    4. website tbd

  148. This is definitely something I need to do, no matter how nervous it makes me. Here is my information:

    1. Heidi Schone
    2. 5th Grade teacher and 5-8 Spanish teacher in Appleton, WI
    3. I am not a tweeter.
    4. I do not have a website.

    I just started teaching Writing Workshop in my room, and I am desperately in need of new ideas and ways to help the students in their writing. I am very new to the writing workshop model and could use all the help I can get.

    I have a question. Do you email us something everyday or do we need to check the website everyday? I only ask because I will admit that I can be a little forgetful. 🙂 I will do my best though! Thank you for taking the time out of your summer to help the teaching community, and our students in the process. What a blessing this will be to many teachers! I am excited to be a part of it!

    1. I will not be emailing anything – I’ll be posting here on weekdays, and you’re welcome to join us whenever you remember. No worries if you miss a few days!

  149. This is definitely something I need to do, no matter how nervous I am. Here is my information:

    1. Heidi Schone
    2. 5th Grade teacher and 5-8 Spanish teacher in Appleton, WI
    3. I am not a tweeter.
    4. I do not have a website.

    I just want to let you know that I can be a bit forgetful, but I will do my best to check in everyday! Thank you for taking time out of your summer to help the teaching community, and our students as well. What a blessing you will be to many teachers and schools! I look forward to this opportunity to learn and grow!

    1. Sorry! I commented twice. The first didn’t go through right away, and I found the answer to my question. Please disregard the first message.

  150. Becky Wojahn (aka W.H. Beck)
    K-5 school librarian/middle grade author

    Would love to help out as a published author/teacher/librarian!

  151. Hi Kate, I am a big fan of your books. This is a very cool thing you are doing for teachers and librarians. Unfortunately, I am neither of those, just a pre-published pb writer. I look forward to reading your posts and doing the assignments. My understanding is that I can follow along but can’t ask questions or ask for feedback, correct? Thanks!

    1. Darshana Khiani
    2. Neither, just an aspiring PB writer learning her craft
    3. @darshanakhiani

    1. That’s how I’m working it for now, Darshana – just because we have so many teachers/librarians signed up and I really want it to be a professional development opportunity for them. But – Gae’s Feedback Friday on her blog is open to everyone, and all the posts here are public, so we’re more than happy to have you following along

  152. WOW! What a great opportunity for PD with so many teachers. I can’t wait to begin and am in the process of recruiting fellow teachers in my building.

    I am a reading specialist at Sweet Home Middle School in Amherst, NY

    Twitter name: tdmann4

    1. Welcome, Dina! I grew up in Western NY and remember playing volleyball against Sweet Home in high school (they were always SO good!)

  153. My name is Catie Krautsack. I am a fifth grade self contained teacher in Buffalo, New York. I’m always looking for ways to improve writing in my classroom. This is an awesome way to keep my mind active over summer! My twitter name is @Catie_Krautsack. Thanks again!

  154. Kristie Schmidt
    HS English: AP Lang & Comp, World Lit, Intro to Media
    no blog yet

  155. I am an ELA consultant for secondary school. I work with middle and high school teachers and teach literacy instruction.
    I am not on twitter, but will check out the Facebook group!

    Thank you.

  156. Hi Kate,

    I love this idea and thank you for giving up your time for us to help with writing and instruction. I teach 10th grade in a rural town near Hickory, NC.
    Twitter: @smccabe29

    Stephanie McCabe

  157. Your – Ashley S
    Your role – 4th/5th grade teacher
    Your Twitter name – ashmk31

    SOUNDS FUN! I’m graduating in a week with my bachelors and teaching certification!

  158. My name is Cynthia Colletta-Schloss
    Literacy Instructior
    Cicero Public Schools, Cicero, Illinois.
    I am interested in the summer writing camp for both personal and professional reasons.
    Thank you for doing this!!!

  159. This sounds great….thank you
    Carla Sulli
    4th grade teacher Rancho Cucamonga, California

  160. Paula Tremba
    4th grade teacher Charles Town, WV
    I don’t twitter or blog. Will that be a problem? I did join the group on Facebook.

  161. Hi! My name is Rhonda Tate and I teach 6 and 7 Writing (as well as 6, 7, and 8 Science) in Dedham, Maine. In my pre-teaching life I was a freelance journalist so I am excited to dip my toes back in to the grown-up writing world! Thanks for organizing this!

    1. Welcome,Rhonda! I was a journalist, too – spent seven years in TV news before I went back to school to teach and eventually found my way to writing fiction.

  162. Your name: Kim Leimer
    Your role: K-8 ELL Specialist
    Your Twitter name, if you’re on Twitter: @kleimer40

    I can’t wait! I participated in the RI Writing Project a few years ago, and loved it. Thank you!

  163. Fifth grade teacher teaching reading/writing to my own class and math to 3 sections of fifth grade in Duluth, Mn. Every year I resolve to do a better job with writing, and hope this can help!

    Twitter name: SauerDW

  164. Hi! So excited for this! I’m leaving the classroom (4th grade) to become a full-time instructional coach after my maternity leave this summer. I know I’ll have my hands full with a new baby, but the flexibility will give me a chance to keep writing and in touch with other teachers:)
    thank you!
    Kirsten Shrout Fernandes
    Instructional Coach, Grades 3-5
    Rhode Island

  165. 2nd grade at Sunrise Elementary in Appleton, Wi
    I’ll be joining the group through Facebook!!
    Seriously can not wait for this opportunity!!

  166. Denise Cooper
    First grade teacher at Bright School, Chattanooga,TN

    Can’t wait!

  167. Sounds great!! Thanks so much for doing this!!
    I teach 4th grade in Florida, so I prepare my students for the state writing test.
    On Twitter I am @mhutcheson.
    Thanks, Kate!! Looking forward to a great summer of writing!!

  168. What an amazing opportunity that you and others are organizing. Thank you, in advance, for sharing your passion and expertise! I am a 4th grade teacher who works with kids in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

    Looking forward to having some fun writing and thinking together!

  169. Hi Kate, I am so glad I came across your site. I just completed my PDP for the upcoming school year and my goals are around writing and the new common core standards. Writing is definitely an area I struggle in and nothing like the present to work on fixing that. Here’s my info:
    1. Teresa Oliveira
    2. 3rd grade teacher, urban district, NJ
    3. my twitter name is Teresa110980
    4. no website/blog

  170. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to get started. My name is Catherine Flynn and I’m the literacy specialist in a PreK-8 school in Sherman, Ct. I’m on twitter @flynn_catherine. I have a blog with one post from last February, but it will have more soon!

  171. Can’t wait to get started!

    Jen Brieske
    4th grade literacy teacher in Hartland, WI
    Twitter: thewritingteach
    Working on developing my website ( this summer!

  172. Lauren “Up” – 3rd grade teacher
    Central Falls, Rhode Island

    I have never participated in anything like this but cannot wait! 🙂

  173. Lynette Varnon

    high school English teacher in South Deerfield, MA
    I live in Greenfield, MA

    no twitter or current blog 🙂

  174. Thanks a bunch Kate for giving access to this writing camp to teachers from near and far and for free! Feeling so lucky to collect some new ideas and pieces in my writer’s notebook to share with my fourth graders in September.
    Kelly Seperack
    4th grade reading/writing teacher in Garner, NC

  175. Hi, Kate,
    I just started teaching Creative Writing this year at a local theater– my students are middle schoolers. Looking forward to gaining some new strategies and ideas!
    1. Mary E. Cronin
    2. Creative Writing teacher– Cape Cod, MA
    3. Twitter– maryecronin
    4. Your blog or website–

  176. Hi, Kate,
    I started teaching creative writing at a local theater this year– my students are middle schoolers. I am looking forward to gaining some new strategies and ideas!

    1. Mary E. Cronin
    2. Creative writing teacher– Cape Cod, MA
    3. Twitter– maryecronin
    4. Blog–


  177. Katie Delaney
    7-12 ELA Teacher Central City Iowa

    This will be a great opportunity! Thanks!

  178. I am a national children’s literacy consultant with a passion for teaching/coaching writing. I’m from Huntsville, AL and have five picture books in my head just waiting to come out. I am also a professional author with three published titles for librarians and teachers and parents – home base is Huntsville, AL

    website included above. I’ve some blogs that have been neglected for a while (one for parents reading with children of all ages, one for preschool teachers and one for K-12 teachers) but I’m hoping to start them back up this summer (see my website for details).

  179. What an exciting and slightly intimidating idea! I am a literacy consultant (although I do not embrace that term) for the Vermont Reads Institute at the University of Vermont. I work in several elementary schools (K-6) in the state as an embedded consultant, usually for three years. I also design and present workshops and seminars on many aspects of literacy.
    I look forward to this opportunity to strengthen and expand my writing skills.

  180. My name is Lydia Graham and I’ll be teaching students in 4th grade this year…at Tilden Hogge Elementary in Morehead, Kentucky. My (unused) Twitter account name is @GrahamLydia and I will be working to use this very soon. My webpage is…er, uh, in progress…under total reconstruction this summer. It can be found at or through the Tilden Hogge Teacher Websites link on the Rowan County Schools website. I’m excited about this opportunity!

  181. Hi Kate, This is a wonderful idea. I’m looking forward to being a part of it – just hope I have something to add. I am a Literacy Leader and Reading Recovery teacher at Bradford Elementary School in Bradford, VT working with Kindergarten through 6th grade. My twitter name is @carvteach, but to show how often I use Twitter, I had to go and post something so that I could find out what it was. Pretty sad, I know. As for a blog….I had a blog once…hmmm…Buried in Books was the name…wonder what ever happened to that (shows my lack of diligence that hopefully this group will help improve).

  182. Hi Kate!

    What an amazing response from so many educators! This is going to be fun! Thanks for hosting this.

    Mary Bellavance
    K-5 Literacy Specialist
    Waterboro, Maine
    Summer goal: start my own blog

  183. I would love to do this, but I’m taking my last class for my Masters (plus it’s SUMMER!), so I can’t trust myself to check up every day on my own. BUT, if I can get an email every day, that would be completely different. Are you planning on doing an email every day?

    1. I’m not doing emails – it’s simply a matter of checking in when you want to join us, but feel free to be sporadic about it if you have a busy summer. That’s fine.

  184. Forgot my information!
    Right now working for Dept of Public Instruction, NC as an Instructional Coach
    Live in Charlotte, NC
    Twitter: @becoming
    more of a Facebook fan though

  185. Looking forward to writing this summer!

    Patrice Pintarelli
    4th grade teacher
    Roosevelt School
    Have to look Into this twitter. Signed up but haven’t had the opportunity to play.

  186. 1. Tanya Chiasson
    2. 7th ELA, Lafayette, LA
    3. not on Twitter
    4. (Used with students, so purged each year for online safety/privacy)

    So excited to participate in your summer writing camp! “I won’t ask you to do anything I am not willing to do myself” is my classroom writing motto. So here I am: ready to take some risks, learn, grow, and stretch as a beginning writer. Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

    School will be in session by the time this camp is over, so I would like to share this site with my students and colleagues in August. Would that be okay with you?


  187. I’m excited to join you!!

    1. Sara Hensley
    2. I teach high school English in Alton, IL. In the past, I have taught 9th and 10th grade, but next year I will have a group of seniors as well.
    3. @SaraHensley11
    4. Blog-

  188. Whew! Took me so long, I forgot the order of information. B-)
    Toshia Mamning
    7th grade ELA, Rocky Mount, NC
    Twitter: jollyswife

  189. Kate Lechtenberg
    High school English teacher of 10 years
    Next year I’ll be a teacher librarian at an 8-9th grade building
    Des Moines, IA
    @katedower (but i’m just getting started)

  190. Sue Crean
    Grade 5 literacy
    Brookfield, CT

    What a terrific idea! Thanks so much!

  191. Tammy Astor – Skokie, IL
    4th grade until June 13, then seeking an elementary position
    Your Twitter name, if you’re on Twitter – signed up, but can’t remember name or password
    Your blog or website, if you have one – plan to develop website this summer

  192. 1. Debbie Wilks
    2. Third grade in Kansas
    3. Twitterless

    This sounds like a great opportunity! I’m looking forward to participating. Thanks!

  193. I’m a first grade teacher of years too many to mention! Just thinking about my own writing assignment gives me sweaty palms. Now I know how my kids must feel! Very excited to be a part of this group…

    1. “Now I know how my kids must feel!” This, I think, is really at the heart of why we’re all here. So glad you’re joining us!

  194. Sharon Lanasa
    Youth Services Manager and Children’s Librarian
    Dorchester County Public Library
    Share books, words, and stories with toddlers, school-age children and middle schoolers
    Twitter: #PinkShad

    Awakening the long dormant writer within …

  195. This is awesome!
    I’m Julie Meiklejohn
    I teach 10th,11th, and 12th grade English in La Junta, CO
    Twitter @jem2323
    No website

    Thanks, Kate! I’m so excited!

  196. 1. Mary Jo Wentz
    2. 4/5 reading teacher & literacy coach
    3. no Twitter
    4. no blog

  197. This sounds amazing and Iam so excited to be participating. I have a hard time carving out time to write so a group and a flexible schedule will hold me more accountable.

    I work as a literacy consultant in Pre-K through Middle Schools. I am currently working in scholsin NC and SC but I live outside of Charlotte, NC.

  198. 1. Chris Kervina
    2. English 11 (regular and AP) and journalism (new this year!) at Centreville High in Clifton, VA
    3. @ckervina
    4. VERY sporatically at (I always swear I’ll blog regularly after NCTE…)

    Thanks for offering this, Kate. I will be jumping in and out all summer. I can already see my summer filling up with an in-person writing seminar, yearbook camp, a JEA conference, and more.Whew! I think that “how do I make time” lesson will be a good one for me!

  199. I’m excited about this opportunity to practice what I believe in….great teachers of writing get involved in writing also. I am a literacy teacher/coach in an elementary school in Illinois.

  200. This sounds awesome! I’ll be teaching 4th grade gifted reading in the fall. One of my summer goals is to figure out Twitter, and I don’t have a website.

  201. Hello! Thanks to a wonderful parent volunteer who wishes to become a librarian someday (best job in the entire world) your website was sent to me via Facebook. I am an elementary librarian for grades K-4 with 35 classes and see over 700 students per week! I am all about books and reading and would love to learn more about writing. Thanks!

    *Above website is more about me.

  202. I am moving into a new position as an Instructional Coach. I will be teacher two sections of English I in the fall, then coaching other freshmen teachers in my district. Excited but nervous.
    I am in Carrollton, Tx.
    My Twitter is @amyrass
    My website I write with Molly and Heather is

    I am looking forward to this camp. I hope I can keep up! I will be writing curriculum during June, so this will be a challenge.

  203. Wow! What a wonderful opportunity and a bit scary, too! Thank you, Kate. I can’t wait to get started on this. I currently teach grade 2 in Calgary, AB in a Spanish bilingual school but I am making a major move this summer back to Ecuador. I will be teaching grade 3 (or grade 4) there at an international school. My twitter name is @elisaw5
    Looking forward to this. Thank you, Stacey Shubitz for blogging about this!

  204. Jan Newport
    Instructional Specialist for teachers in ELA K-12 in a large school district
    Twitter: JanNewport2
    Have abandoned a former blog and am in the process of creating a new blog for middle school teachers to use for Professional Development.

    This is just what I was looking for! With all the summer work of the district working with Common Core…this will feed my need while I try to feed others. Thank you!

  205. This sounds excellent! Looking forward to learning and growing!
    My info:
    Melanie Hoeksema
    Reading Consultant K-4th grade (Forest Hills Public Schools) Grand Rapids, MI (former 1st and 2nd grade teacher too)
    Twitter: @mhoeksema (Melanie Hoeksema)
    I have a blog…but haven’t written in awhile…this will be a great way to fire it back up!

  206. Hi! My name is Paige Blackoff and I am teaching Language Arts in the Middle Grades — particularly 6th and 7th grade in Central New Jersey.

    My twitter name is @paige_blackoff and I do not currently have a website.

    I am looking forward to learning this summer and am hopeful to find some great ideas to use in my classroom next year!

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  207. My name is Janet Ilko
    I teach writing to seventh and eighth grade English Language Learners and an AVID class that preps students for the college experience. I also host a writing club in the mornings for any student interested in Writing Called Writing for Change. We are hoping to host a camp this summer with the San Diego Area Writing Project.
    My twitter name is writin4change
    I have a blog that I try to post on at least once a week during the school year, but plan on refocusing energy on that space this summer. that is my latest post.
    I think this is going to be a great opportunity to write and respond to writers, I just can’t wait!!

  208. Please leave a comment here that includes:
    I am so excited about this opportuntity!

    1. Tammy Zeaser
    2. Instructional Specialist (Grades K-5), Mechanicsburg, PA
    3.I’m on twitter, but rarely use it, but I think my twitter name is trzeaser or tzeaser – I can’t even remember (how sad is that!)

  209. What a fabulous opportunity. Thanks!!!

    Here’s my info
    1. Heather Temske
    2. Fourth grade teacher in Roswell, Georgia
    3. @htemske (although I go in and out of phases using it)
    4. I have a class website that isn’t useful to people outside my classes. My plan is to start blogging this summer.

  210. I teach ninth grade literature, British literature, and AP English literature and composition. What a wonderful opportunity to learn from others!

  211. Valerie Cornett
    Literacy Specialist in Lexington, KY (K-5)
    I’m looking forward to learning new ideas!

  212. Valerie Stein
    K-8 Library Media Specialist/Curriculum Coordinator in a small independent school in WA state. – Blog. I’m also feltmaker/teacher and writer so it’s a mix of me!
    @stein_valerie – Twitter
    You’ll find me on FB too. Excited to participate!

  213. Special education 9-12
    No twitter
    No blog
    I need to learn more about writing and teaching it!
    I am very excited for this!