And the winner is…

We’re celebrating Spitfire’s official release this weekend… with an event from 12-2 Saturday at Borders in Plattsburgh, NY.  I’ll have treats, a raffle, teacher resource packets, bookmarks, and (giggles uncontrollably) temporary tattoos.  If you’ve ever considered having a Revolutionary War gunboat tattooed on your arm, this is your chance to try it out.  Bonnie Shimko will also be signing on Saturday.  If you haven’t read her Lambda Award-Winning Letters in the Attic, you should, and it’s out in paperback  now.  Jan Stanley and illustrator Tamia Gastio  will be there, too, signing their playful picture books.

One more thankful Thursday thing…

After school, the phone rang in my classroom, and it was one of the 6th grade ELA teachers.

“Hey- I’m having a computer problem, and I can’t figure it out. Can you just come down and help me real quick?”

When I opened her classroom door, there was no computer problem —  just a bunch of giddy English teachers and a big chocolate mousse cake (don’t tell the HeartSmart committee) to celebrate the release of my book.  Have I mentioned that I love my department?

And now… the winner of the Spitfire Writers & Characters Contest…. (I would have posted more of the entries on my blog, but it turns out that spitfire writers are busy people and often leave things to the last minute, so I got hit with a slew of 11th hour entries and no time to post them.)
Thanks for playing along; all of your entries were fun and spitfirey.

And now… the winner… drawn at random from all the entries…out of an 18th century bonnet… by my kids… is………..


(You may be asking now how two children drew one name out of a hat.  The parents among you realize that when a child is called upon to pick a contest winner, the other child will invariably shout, “NO!  I want to pick the winner!”  So for the curious… E picked three names from the hat, and then J chose one at random from those three.  Anyone wishing to appeal the contest results or protest this procedure may email J and E, care of me.)

Hey Amber…email me with your address, and I’ll send along your signed book and chocolate early next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

13 Replies on “And the winner is…


    Please let J and E know that I will forever remain a big fan of theirs!

    I haven’t decided yet if it’s a downside or an upside that this contest was not based on the merit of work. However, since I won, I don’t think I’ll contemplate it for long. I will just continue to be extremely happy! Now, I have the chance to read a book and share it with others that I probably would not have been able to buy for myself.

    Congratulations again to you, Kate!

    🙂 Amber Hamilton

  2. Thanks, Nancy! I’m nervous-scared-excited-thrilled – and probably a bunch of other things that I can’t name right now. But mostly excited for tomorrow.