And the rain came down…

It’s been a remarkable spring for weather, not only in the tornado-ravaged South, but also here in Northern New York, where Lake Champlain is at its highest level ever…and expected to rise more as the rain continues tonight and tomorrow.

Sunday was May 1st, release day for MARTY MCGUIRE, the first in my new chapter book series with Scholastic, so we took a drive to visit a couple bookstores (there are signed copies of MARTY at Flying Pig Books in Shelburne and the South Burlington Barnes & Noble now) and take a look at some of the worst flooding from the high lake level.  It was higher than I’d imagined.

This is what Burlington’s King Street Ferry Dock looked like on Sunday.

For a little perspective…here’s a photo of me with the statue of Champ, our legendary lake monster two summers ago.

Here’s what the same sculpture looked like on Sunday…

Sending good thoughts (and dry wishes) to all those who are fighting flood waters & wet basements tonight – and especially to those trying to rebuild their lives after the tornado outbreak in the South.