An Invitation for Northern NY Friends

I’m giving a lecture tomorrow night as part of a new series of talks at the Alice T. Miner Museum in Chazy. The concept, which I found irresistible, is to have two half-hour lectures presented on unrelated topics, followed by a joint Q and A session in which the audience can ask whatever they want and perhaps make connections between the two speakers.  Here’s the event poster:

One correction: It’s not $5 to get in; it’s free (yay!), and though it’s a relatively small venue, I believe there’s still space if you’d like to come.  Just call 846-7336 to reserve a seat.

4 Replies on “An Invitation for Northern NY Friends

  1. Hmmm…here I live in your town, teach in the same school, nay – even the same CLASS – and I did not know you were doing this! Argh. I wouldn’t have made plans. (And usually, I am doing nothing)

    On a happier note: Congratulations on spearheading the AMAZING fund raiser for Haiti. I’m so proud of you and your students!