An Author’s Olympic Dreams: February Vacation Edition

I’m on school break this week, so in addition to lots of reading and writing time, we’re on a mission to take part in as many Winter Olympics sorts of activities as possible.  Though we are having fun, I’ve noticed that our endeavors often turn out…well…less than Olympian.  But you be the judge…

On Monday, the boys decided to do some downhill skiing at Whiteface, while E and I opted for cross-country skiing on the groomed trails nearby at Cascade.  It was lovely in the woods, and we saw fox, coyote, and snowshoe hare tracks in abundance.  We loved this little brook, with the water running right under a bridge of snow.

E stopped to poke at the ice with her ski pole, and that’s when things got tricky.

Poles float, it turns out.  And water can run strangely fast in the mountains in February.  Thankfully, there was a log blocking the way, so her pole didn’t get too much farther off the trail, and I was able to take off my skis and creep onto the bank without falling in.  E got her pole back, with a soggy strap, but no worse for wear otherwise.

Tuesday was an ice skating day because Lake Champlain is finally frozen enough for skating in many places.  The ice is beautiful and black and makes eerie thumping sounds as you skate over the cracks.

There are some interesting things frozen into the ice.  Can you tell what this is?

It’s a perch.  Frozen about eight inches down.  Logic tells me that the fish died first, and froze afterward, but still… I can’t help imagining the poor guy swimming along, saying, "Hey, Pete, do you think the water’s getting colder tonight? Because I think it’s getting tougher to swim and ….WHOA!"

See what I mean about the un-Olympian bit? I am guessing that Evan Lysacek wasn’t having thoughts like that during his performance in Vancouver.

9 Replies on “An Author’s Olympic Dreams: February Vacation Edition

  1. Sadly, you seem to have gotten all of the snow that was intended for our ski slopes this winter! We actually have none at our house and had to drive an hour into the mountains to be able to cross country ski. If this southern snow trend keeps up, I think you should all take up some winter sports, though – it really does make the season much more fun!

  2. You’re so funny . . .

    Gorgeous pictures!

    We have hardly any snow here, still. And temps are in the 40’s. I haven’t dared out on the ice at all this winter. (I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to being on it, even in the best of conditions)

    You’ve reminded me to try to get down to the lake and see if those eagles are nesting yet . . .

  3. Re: You’re so funny . . .

    Would love to see the eagles if they’re nesting! We sometimes have an eagle visit the state park up the road, but I haven’t seen him yet this winter.

    There is NO snow at all at my house. We had to drive an hour into the mountains to ski.

  4. I love those pictures and your Olympics sound so fun! If i lived near you I’d ski over to your house and join the activities, well, or make hot cocoa and buttered cinnamon toast to warm you up when you got home.