Almost Autumn

In honor of the first day of fall tomorrow, I’m sharing a few photos from today’s hike up Mount Jo in the Adirondacks.

We decided to climb, even though it was drizzling when we got to the trailhead.

This is the view from the summit — not exactly what we’d had in mind, but pretty in a hazy, climbing-into-a-cloud sort of way.  If it were clear, you’d see a  handful of the High Peaks and Heart Lake beyond the trees.

E noticed this little guy on the trail and moved him to safety so he didn’t get squashed.

And this one is for blog readers who live where the leaves don’t change color, or where they haven’t changed just yet. 

A branch full of maple leaves to launch you into autumn. Have a terrific week!

25 Replies on “Almost Autumn

  1. Oh, sooo pretty! Our SoCal autumn is nothing like yours, of course, which is one reason we always head east in October. Your pictures make me want the weeks to pass quickly so I can be in the Berkshires again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs.

  2. Maples are my favorite, too, Judy! (I hope I didn’t make you too homesick! Just remember that we’ll be shoveling snow in a few weeks while you’re still out golfing.)

  3. Even in the Champlain Valley, where I live, the leaves aren’t turning like they are in the mountains. This weekend is really the first of the really bright colors.

  4. Right…I definitely will remember that.
    Your son must be pretty fast if he was able to capture and remove the little animal from the path. We have similar creatures here by the dozens (anoles) in our yard and no one I know has been able to catch one yet.

  5. That branch of maple leaves is also for those of us who live in western Canada where red leaves are rare and in the fall almost everything turns gold.

    I love the mysterious feel of the trail (first pic) that the mist gives.

  6. Beautiful..

    I know you don’t know who I am or anything, but I think those are some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen. I saw you just on the bottom of Lj and I had to check your profile out.
    I am studying to be an Elementary Teacher, and my boyfriend hopes to write novels and become a middle school teacher some day.

    Keep doing great work!!!

  7. Re: Beautiful..

    Hi, Angel! Thanks for stopping by my LJ – it’s been great meeting new people who have come across the spotlight feature. Congratulations on your work to become a teacher – there’s SUCH a need for people committed to kids. I wish you and your boy friend all the best!