30 Replies on “All I want to do is read.

  1. Well, good luck getting any housework done. I wouldn’t be able to just ignore all those beautiful books! Ooh! Piper Reed. Love her.

    Thanks for blogging and tweeting from ALA. It almost felt like I was there, too. I loved how everyone got all silly when they met Judy Blume. I would have been the same way. : )

  2. All I can say is who cares about piles of stuff, and my aunt with four kids was very fond of using paper plates, and it may be time to roll out the old college day trick of just turning your underwear inside out to forestall getting it to a washer. Have a blast! That array makes may heart go bang-bang!

    And besides, this is part of your job as teacher, yes. You have to read. Do it.

  3. Ohhhhhhh. Is there anything quite as enticing as a pile of books to read? ^_^ I’d say leave the housework – it’ll still be there later! 🙂 (Or, if it must be done, you can reward yourself like I do sometimes: throw a load of laundry in, read a chapter. Load the dishwasher, read a chapter. Make the beds, read a chapter. :P)

  4. How can you stand it?! Oh, you know, you’d better just share them out, send one or two to each of us, just so we can lighten the load for you! 🙂

  5. There’s one in there I just finished. I’m very curious to hear your review of it as I didn’t like it much. Obviuosly I won’t say the title here.

  6. I looked at this, all, “She has Catching Fire! And Liar! And Treasure Map of Boys! And Hush, Hush! And Shiver! And…and!” *drools a little* I would totally throw the laundry in, start reading, and never remember to put it in the dryer.

  7. My 9 year old read the Lauren Myracle book yesterday and said, “I hope this is the first of many more.” She would suggest starting there, I’m sure. 🙂

  8. Oh no, that’s horrible when everything just seems like a distraction from reading the books you want to read! I gave in yesterday and read all the way through ‘Season of Secrets’ by Sally Nicholls when I was supposed to be working, not good. (I mean, not working. The book was fab.)

    Just discovered you were a LiveJournaler in the SCBWI magazine, thought I’d come over and investigate. 🙂

  9. Thanks for finding me here!

    I picked up some groceries, did a little laundry, and then gave in to temptation. Halfway through Jo Knowles’ JUMPING OFF SWINGS right now & it’s spectacular.