A Magical, Laughter-Filled Day at Shaker Road Elementary School

I’m winding down my school year when it comes to author visits and spent a wonderful, magical day with the K-4th grade kids at Shaker Road Elementary School in South Colonie, NY today.  Librarian Lisa Berner and her students rolled out quite the red carpet…

Lisa and I celebrated with a photo after the last book was signed!

I always love giving presentations to readers & writers, but on top of that, school visits usually bring some delightful surprises, and today was no exception. I had a hilarious, laughter-filled lunch with some first and third graders. (We talked about dolphins, dinosaurs, pythons, and cheetahs.  And I got to see Zachary’s impression of a T-Rex puking. It was…impressive.)

There was also a sweet, sweet moment when Mrs. Berner called down to a classroom to check on one little girl who hadn’t brought her book to be signed.

“I didn’t want her to write in it,” Chloe told her librarian. “Because you gave it to me and it’s new.”

We came up with a solution – I signed a note to Chloe instead of writing in her book. 🙂

I did, however, get to sign the Shaker Road Elementary School “Author Chair.”

I signed next to Tedd Arnold, who visited last year. Illustrators are such show-offs, aren’t they?

Many, many thanks to everyone at Shaker Road Elementary for such a warm welcome today – I loved visiting your school!!