Votes and Voices – An Invitation

As writers, we value individual voices, and this Tuesday, all of us — writer and non-writers alike — have a powerful opportunity to show that our voices matter. 

I’ve been an eligible voter for 20 years now, and this will be my sixth Presidential election. I’ve never been more excited to cast my vote, and I’m excited that on this coming Election Day, America will likely see one of its biggest voter turnouts in memory. 

I’m excited for people who will be voting for President for the first time on Tuesday —  people like my friend Stephanie, getting her master’s degree to be a librarian right now.  I’m excited for the thousands of older people voting for the first time,  already lining up in states like Florida and Georgia, because they believe this year, their voices are important.  They’re right.

On Tuesday morning, I’ll be stopping to vote during my morning run.  My polling place is actually a tiny little building — a one-room community center in our neighborhood park. 

To celebrate Election Day, I’ll post a photograph of myself on my way in to vote, and I invite you to do the same on your blog on Tuesday.  I’ll post a round-up of links here, so please drop me a note or comment if you plan to participate, and I’ll be sure to include you in my VOTES AND VOICES celebration.

Just three more days to go…

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