Two more things…

1.  My friend Julie Berry just got some great press on her debut novel, The Amaranth Enchantment (Bloomsbury USA, 2009).  It’s an amazing middle grade fantasy that I was lucky enough to read in an earlier draft, and I cannot WAIT until it comes out. Julie is

here on LJ.  If you visit her journal, you can friend her, read that fabulous article about her book, AND see her interviewed in a YouTube clip! 

2.  The baby ducks that were in these eggs on my neighbor’s sea wall…

…HATCHED!!!  They’re out swimming around with Mom as I type.  We’re keeping our distance to keep them comfortable, so you’ll have to wait until they’re older for photos, but they are so cute, and I’m so, so happy they made it.  It’s a tough world out there sometimes.

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