The ink isn’t dry yet, but…

I’ve accepted an offer of representation from Jennifer Laughran with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency!  Lots of you know her as

, and I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to have my manuscript in her hands.

I’ve been sitting on this for more than a week because I couldn’t quite believe it was real until the agency agreement came in the mail today.  I think I’m going to frame it.  I even like the letterhead.

I wanted to share the news in a friends post because…well…lots of you have offered lots of advice since I became an LJ person last spring.  I live in a pretty remote part of Northern NY.  There aren’t loads of writers here who get together for lattes every other Tuesday, and I’ve come to appreciate this community so much.   You’re one of the many reasons I’ll be giving thanks this week.

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