My friend and critique partner, Loree Griffin Burns, has written a book that I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to share with you, and it’s out now.  It’s called THE HIVE DETECTIVES: CHRONICLE OF A HONEY BEE CATASTROPHE, and it’s about the mystery of honeybee colony collapse and what scientists are discovering about it.  It’s part of Houghton Mifflin’s Scientists in the Field series, and like Loree’s TRACKING TRASH, it is told in a narrative nonfiction style that is impossible to put down. The photography is amazing, too. Here’s the cover…

Isn’t that just stunning?  The inside is full of more amazing photographs and information that is so, so important to those of us who wonder about our environment, our interactions with nature, and where our food comes from, too.  This is a great book, well-written and compelling and fascinating, and it’s an important book, too.  Don’t miss it.

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