Thankful Thursday

Three things today –

1. I finished the first draft of my chapter book last night.  It has messy hair and ripped sweatpants and warts, but it’s done, and that’s what revision is for.  Plus, parts of it are funny and sparkly.

2. This relates to #1.  I’m thankful for E, who lit a fire under me to finish.  If you ever really want to meet a writing goal, share your unfinished draft with a 6-year-old. I have heard “Do you have a chapter for me this morning?”  every day for the past three weeks.

3. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from a 5th grader named Olivia.  It’s one of those letters that is so perfect you want to keep it and frame it and be buried with it some day.  Here’s an excerpt:

I LOVED your book SPITFIRE!  I am not going to exaggerate the words I am about to say. And those words are, That was the BEST book I have EVER read!!!!!!!!!

You had beautiful word choices.  I LOVED the sentence fluency.  I like the way you set the mood and showed how the characters felt with the injured men and all of the emotional bits.  I like the way you switched Abigail (Adam) and Pascal in the chapters to show each of their emotions. I LOVED the epilogue for the same switching reason I just said.  And that they wrote to each other. Plus the part where they both saw honking geese.

Thank you, Olivia — and thanks to all the other Olivias out there, too — kids who love stories and words so much.  You are the reason I write.

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