Teachers Write 2018!

Welcome! Teachers Write is a community of teachers, librarians, and authors who believe that people who teach writing are most effective when they are truly writers themselves. We hope you’ll join us this summer!

Teachers Write 2018 will be July 9th-August 3rd!

Click here to sign up and write with us!

Our goal is to provide opportunities and encouragement for writing, learning, and sharing, with support from published authors who donate their time to visit and join our conversations. Daily posts – mini-lesson Mondays and Fridays, Tuesday and Thursday quick-writes, and our weekly Wednesday Q&A with authors are all hosted on Kate’s blog, with links to features hosted elsewhere. You’re always invited to share your writing and/or join the conversation with guest authors in the comments! If you’d like to have Teachers Write posts delivered directly to your email in-box, just subscribe to Kate’s blog by clicking on the link and filling out your name & email on the right to receive updates. Here’s more about what you can expect each day:

Mini-Lesson Mondays: Mondays feature mini-lessons on writing craft. We’ll share a workshop-style lesson with ideas, tips, and examples, and then there will be something to work on during the week. Jo also gets our writing juices flowing with Monday Morning Warm-Ups on her blog.

Tuesday Quick-Write: Tuesdays will feature a writing prompt that can be used to brainstorm new ideas or deepen your thinking on the project you’re working on now.

Wednesday Q and A: Ever wished you could just pick an author’s brain about how they do it?  Each Wednesday, we’ll have a post where anyone can ask questions about writing .  Our guest authors will answer!

Thursday Quick-Write: Like Tuesdays, Thursdays will feature a writing prompt that can be used to brainstorm new ideas or deepen your thinking on the project you’re working on now.

Mini-Lesson Fridays: Like Mondays, Fridays feature mini-lessons on writing craft. Gae Polisner also hosts Feedback Friday on her blog, a chance to share work, get ideas, and offer feedback to others. Guest authors will be there, too, offering specific editorial feedback & critiques on your work.

Weekend reflections & Sunday check-in – Weekends are for recharging, spending time with family and friends…and that includes online writing friends, too!  Teacher-writer Jen Vincent hosts a Sunday check-in on her blog, Teach Mentor Texts.

Beyond these daily posts, you can expect the occasional surprise along the way, including some book giveaways for your classrooms and libraries, because teachers & librarians who write are worth celebrating.

Teachers Write is free. However, we put many hours into planning & running the online camp, and those are hours that are no longer available to do the work of promoting our books.  So if you’re participating in Teachers Write, we’d ask that when you sign up, you purchase one new book by each of our organizing authors. We’ll also ask that over the course of the summer, you order at least one book from one of our guest authors. So we’re talking about the price of four books – that’s the cheapest professional development around.  If you can’t swing that expense, we’d still love for you to participate and ask that you support our books in other ways – by requesting them at your library and writing online reviews. This is also a great way to say thanks when you’ve loved a post by one of our guest authors!
Here’s how to follow the conversations and join the community.

First, use this link to sign up!

Get Teachers Write posts delivered to your inbox by filling out your name & email on the form on the right side of this page.

You can also follow me on Twitter for daily posts (@KateMessner)

To learn more about my latest books for kids (and teachers!), please visit my Books page here.

The title I’m asking you to order when you sign up for Teachers Write this summer is BREAKOUT, my novel about a small town prison break and manhunt that change the way three kids see their neighbors and the place they call home. It was inspired by the real-life prison-break at Dannemora, NY’s Clinton Correctional Facility in 2015 and has a unique format – written entirely in documents that range from letters and poems to text messages, comics, and photographs. School Library Journal had this to say in its starred review:

*An accessible format and a unique focus on contemporary issues of criminal justice and racial bias make this an essential purchase.*


Thanks for supporting my books and for joining us for a great summer of writing!

Questions? Fill out my contact form with your name, email address, and message.

Happy Writing!

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