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You know the compost worms are doing their job when…

…they finish eating the cucumber scraps and seedlings pop up amid the worm castings. The kids I met during my author visit to Grand Isle School today loved the pictures I showed them of my basement worm farm (it’s research for my second Marty McGuire book!).  That reminded me that I haven’t posted a worm […]

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Welcome, baby worms!

So I was just poking around the bin of red worms we keep in the basement to eat kitchen scraps, and this scene is way too tiny to photograph, but… Imagine an apple peel, about an inch wide and two inches long and curling at the edges.  If you look very, very carefully at the flesh […]

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2000 Red Wiggler Worms x 4 =

My composting worms are starting to multiply! See the little brownish yellow balloon-like things?  They’re worm cocoons.  I found them while I was burying the crust from my daughter’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich for them to eat the other day.  My research tells me that up to four tiny baby worms will hatch from each […]

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Friday Five

#1  –  We spent yesterday afternoon here, picking lovely, fat blueberries, which led to… #2  –  Blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning! #3 –  Speaking of blueberries, have you seen Laurel Snyder’s adorable book trailer for her middle grade novel Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains?  Laurel’s running a contest on her blog right now […]

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I have worms!

Blog readers who said “Eewww!” about my baby spiders and giant slug photos might want to skip this one. But if you like dirt and squishy things and organic gardening, read on… See this bin? Two thousand redworms (Eisenia Foetida) are buried in the mulchy stuff and shredded newspaper right now, eating yesterday’s kitchen scraps. […]

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