What’s in a name?

I took a long drive through the Adirondacks and along Lake Champlain this morning for a research trip to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. It was  a perfect day — beautiful weather, fantastically helpful people, and great photographs for my Monday presentation to a teachers’ historical workshop.   Excitement about the new Harry Potter book made me slam on the brakes for a photo op…

Doesn’t this sound like a place where the Dursleys would send Harry to get beat up?    Camp Dudley is actually a beautiful YMCA camp on Lake Champlain, but really… who wants to be named after the mean, chubby cousin?

And how about this road?  Do you suppose real estate values have gone down?  I’d rather live on Dumbledore Drive any day.

Just three more days, by the way!  We spent yesterday making our wands for the midnight release party.  They sparkle, and they really work.  When you flick your wand and shout, “Stupefy!” people go flying dramatically into walls.  (At least at our house, they do…)