Summer Shape Up – June, Week 2

Spending last weekend at home after two weekends away was heavenly. I had a hugely productive week – and met most of my goals (that darned fitness goal got me again, though…).

1. Get caught up with work for my critique group. I have a few chapters to read and comment on this week.
    Critiqued pieces of three great stories for my mid-grade critters.  All caught up.

2. Finish read-through and revision notes for WIP.

3. Make first round of revisions on chapter 1.
    Got through first six chapters on my first round of revisions.  I’m trying out bits of Holly Lisle’s One-Pass manuscript revision process and have found lots of her suggestions to be useful. Full disclosure, though – I’m not really doing it in one pass because I can’t think about all those things at once.  I still need to go back and weave in some threads that I’m developing.

4. SPITFIRE study guide – finish Chapter 3.
    Got through six chapters of study guide, even though I wanted to be writing new stuff instead.

5. Run 15 miles for the week to make up for ice cream cones consumed over long weekend.
    Well…it turned out to be closer to ten miles. They were run with great enthusiasm and spirit, though.

 I also did some more research for my new historical novel, booked a couple more summer/fall events to market SPITFIRE, and added a list of appearances to my website.

Goals for this week:

1. First round of revisions on 3-4 more chapters of WIP.
2. SPITFIRE study guide – Chapters 7-8.
3. Send in confirmation paperwork for NYS Reading Association Conference in November.
4. Continue research for new historical project.
5. Run 15 miles for the week.  Or at least 12.5.

Brownies?  Can I have my virtual brownies now?  And do they have chocolate chips in them? Mmmm….

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