Share your 3rd Grade Memory! (and win a signed copy of MARTY McGUIRE!)

MARTY MCGUIRE, the first title in my new chapter book series with Scholastic, came out last weekend…and to celebrate, I thought I’d hold a fun little contest. Marty is a third grader who loves catching frogs and crayfish and getting muddy, so when they make her be the princess in the school play, she must learn to improvise to make the part her own.  You can learn more about Marty here.

So… isn’t that at the heart of third grade? Improvising? Trying out new things (and winging it when something unexpected happens?)  I’d love it if some of you would share a memory of third grade — it can be happy or funny, embarrassing or traumatic…something vivid that you remember as part of that year. I’ll be giving away THREE signed hardcovers — one here on my blog (you can comment on WordPress or LJ – either is fine), one on Twitter, and one on Facebook.  To enter, just do any or all of the following (and YES…you can enter more than once!)

  • Share your third grade story on your own blog or Facebook wall, along with the MARTY MCGUIRE cover if you’d like. (Then come back here and leave a link in the comments to let me know where to find it!)
  • Click here to find and “Like” MARTY MCGUIRE on Facebook and share your third grade memory on the book page wall.
  • Share your third grade memory on Twitter with the hashtag #martymcguire
  • I’d also love it if you’d suggest the MARTY MCGUIRE Facebook page to any of your FB friends who are teachers, librarians, or parents who might want to hear about a new chapter book series for fans of Clementine and Ramona.  If you do that, just come back here to leave a comment and let me know and I’ll toss your name in the hat again!
  • Tell your favorite librarian about Marty. (Again…just come back & leave a comment to let me know – honor system!)

On May 15th (let’s say 9pm EST is the deadline) I’ll draw the winners & announce on my blog.  And don’t worry…if you already have a copy of MARTY MCGUIRE by then, you can choose any one of my other books for your prize (including REAL REVISION, my new revision book for teachers, or SEA MONSTER’S FIRST DAY, which doesn’t come out until later on!)

Can’t wait to hear those third grade memories!

8 Replies on “Share your 3rd Grade Memory! (and win a signed copy of MARTY McGUIRE!)

  1. Hi Kate,
    I will definitely mention the Marty books to Mrs. Kellner, Peaslee Elementary librarian here in my little town in Mass. She loves my recommendations (well, she always says nice things about them, anyway). 😉