Semi-Secret Nervous News

I went to the post office after school today to mail the manuscript for the option book from my SPITFIRE contract.  This, despite the fact that I am still finishing up some revisions. 

Why?   Because there’s a bit of a time issue.  The book is about Samuel de Champlain’s voyage from Quebec to Lake Champlain in 1609, and there are big, big happenings being planned in NY, VT, and Quebec for the Quadricentennial in 2009.  That’s not so far away in the world of publishing. My editor, who knows all of this, asked to see what I have so far.  I am hoping that this is a good sign, but it was still painful to stuff the thing in that Priority Mail envelope knowing that there’s more work to do.  I had an almost overwhelming urge to leap over the counter and snatch it back out of the bin, but I decided that would have scared the post office lady too much.

So the manuscript is gone.  Think good thoughts for it, okay?

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