Saturday at NESCBWI – Part II

Highlights of my Saturday afternoon at NESCBWI…

  • I was part of the panel discussion "Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Agents…But Were Afraid to Ask," along with my agent Jennifer Laughran, Jo Knowles and her agent Barry Goldblatt, and Carlyn Beccia and her agent Tracey Adams.  This was my first time presenting at an SCBWI Conference, so I was a little nervous, but having so many smart, nice people on the panel made it a million times easier.  We had great questions.  Can a first-time novelist still find an agent?  (Yes!)   How do you usually communicate with your agent?  (Email, mostly.  It was interesting to note that two of the three agents on the panel had met their clients in person for the very first time just this weekend!)  More on the panel, questions & answers later on.  And if you were at the panel, thank you so much for coming and for your great questions!  Watch your email for the handout later this week!
  • I loved looking at the posters for the illustrator showcase.  I’m always in awe of illustrators, and the folks who created work for us all to enjoy in the conference lobby deserve a big thanks!
  • Fish & Chips!  At a local pub so loud my ears are still kind of ringing.  With homemade ketchup…  Mmmmm….
  • I stayed up wayyyyy too late talking with friends in the hotel lobby.  To that end…. time for coffee.  I’ll post some photos later in the week!
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