Request for ideas on historical fiction & revision tips!

I’m giving two presentations at the NYS English Council’s annual conference later this month, and I wanted to ask my LJ author friends for some input.

My presentation called Historical Fiction as a Bridge to Content Area Literacy focuses on high interest historical fiction with solid historical content as well as nonfiction picture books and middle grade books that teachers can use to teach Social Studies content as well as English Language Arts.  I’m in the process of adding new titles to my presentation to mix in with my regular favorites.  I’ve added Laurie Halse Anderson’s historical novel CHAINS and her picture book INDEPENDENT DAMES, M.T. Anderson’s new OCTAVIAN NOTHING book, Tanya Lee Stone’s ELIZABETH LEADS THE WAY, and Jenny Moss’s WINNIE’S WAR, set during the 1918 flu epidemic.

What other NEW 2008 historical titles have you read and loved?  Do any of you have new titles coming out in 2009 that would fit the bill?  If so,  I’d  love to include them in my presentation!

My second presentation is called Walking the Walk: How Teacher-Writers Encourage Student Revision.  In it, I share the ways in which my own writing has helped me to be a better (and more understanding) mentor to my students when it comes to revision.  I talk about my strategies and my experiences with critique partners and editors, and I discuss how those concepts and strategies can be adapted to the classroom.  Part of this workshop is a PowerPoint presentation that gives examples of how different authors like to revise.

Do you have a favorite revision strategy that you’d like to share with kids & teachers?  I’d be happy to include your idea with an image of your book cover in my slide show.  (Some of you were kind enough to share thoughts with  me last year. Thank you!  With your permission, I’ll use the same advice/slide for you unless you have a new book out that you’d like me to feature.)

Thanks, everyone, for any thoughts you choose to share!

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