Notes from the Road

1. Who knew that ALL of the hiking trails at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park are still under 4-8 feet of snow?  It made for a stunning and fabulously soggy adventure. (Watch for photos of me sliding down a snowy cliff on my bottom when I get home.)

2. On the way to Mount Rainier, we saw a snack bar that looked like a covered wagon, advertising “Malibu Barbie Latte – $3.95.”  We didn’t stop, but what could this be?

3. Thank you for the Portland suggestions!  The original Powells Books is truly awesome.

4.  So is the gelato shop across the street.  Chocolate-coffee – Mmmmm…..

5.. We’re off to the Quinault Rainforest when the kids wake up this morning.  Hoping to see mossy wonderlands and maybe an elk or two…

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