New to the KidLit Blog World?

Would you do me a favor? 

If you are a children’s writer or illustrator — published or unpublished — with a relatively new blog, would you drop me a note in the comments to let me know your username (for LJ) or the URL if it’s another blogging platform?  In an upcoming post, I’d like to share a list of newer bloggers so that those of us who have been here a little longer can say a proper welcome.

For example,   is a writer who attended the blogging workshop that Carrie Jones, Jo Knowles, and I presented at NESCBWI this past weekend.  She’s just posted her first blog entry, with some gorgeous pictures of where she lives, and I know she’d love it if you dropped by her new blog to say hi.

Who else out there has a shiny new blog that some of us might not have discovered yet?  Don’t be shy… Leave a comment so we can all say hello, okay?

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