Miranda Mink’s Feast

When I looked out the back door this afternoon, I thought a saw a log in the water.

But it was moving kind of fast.  By the time I got out to the deck, the “log” had scurried to shore and hidden behind a rock.  It was Miranda — the mink that’s been visiting over the past few weeks.  (We named her from THE TEMPEST because she’s not afraid to swim in rough waters…).  And she brought a friend for lunch!

Miranda played peekaboo with us around the rock for a while before running off to eat her new friend in one of the pipes where she likes to hang out.

We’ve lived here nine years, and every day, the lake brings something different.  Wild lightning and double rainbows.  One September, it was a cloud of hundreds of monarch butterflies, flying south along the shore.  And one May evening a few years ago, we watched what neighbors swear was Champy, Lake Champlain’s legendary lake monster, swimming back and forth about 40 yards offshore. 

What a gift, as a writer, to have new ideas delivered on the waves with every new day.

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