Instead of Blogging…

I’ve spent the past week and a half:

  • wrapping and unwrapping gifts.
  • baking and eating cookies.
  • playing Monopoly, Apples to Apples, CatchPhrase, and a strangely addictive Nerf target shooting game.
  • ice skating.
  • visiting with my parents, who made our whole Christmas by coming to visit.
  • getting ready for my husband’s family, a great number of whom will arrive to ring in the New Year with us in festive, noisy fashion tomorrow.
  • reading grownup books (I just got an ARC of Jamie Ford’s HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, and it’s delicious so far.)
  • reading kids’ books (E and I are in the middle of THE MAGIC HALF by Annie Barrows and loving it.)
  • hanging out on the sun porch, which is a treat because we don’t always keep it heated in the winter time and because it has this view on winter mornings before anyone else is awake.

  • And writing!  The sun porch has been my office this week. I finally finished my new MG novel, SUGAR ON SNOW.  Those of you who took part in JoNoWriMo might remember that I meant to have the draft done by November 30th.  Then I meant to have it done by December 23rd.  Instead, I wrote the last chapter just after midnight on December 27th.  But it’s done before 2009, and that makes me very happy.  Anyone want to join me in a January Revision Club?

I hope your holiday season has been wonderful and fun and restful.   Happy New Year!  And may 2009 be the year all of your wishes come true.

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