I have a million things to do, so…

…I’m photographing my socks.

Why?  Because Linda Urban (

) asked me to, and she’s a very cool writer person. 

(My mother, who reads my blog, is now saying, “Well, if this lurban person asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do that, too?”) 

Well no.  Plus, really, this is all about celebrating Linda’s new book, A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT.  I loved this middle grade novel, and if my fuzzy striped feet help her get the word out, then it was worth almost falling off the piano bench while I leaned over to take the photo.  You can read my review of the book here.

If you check out my friends list, you’ll see just what kind of power Linda has (or how much people like Neil Diamond…hard to tell) because there are cool socks showing up on blogs as far as the eye can see.  (Hey, Linda…does this kind of make you want to ask people to do other crazy things to see if they’ll really do it?) 

Linda would like to see your socks, too, and if you post them on your website or blog (or send her a photo), she’ll enter you in a contest to win a signed copy of her book, a pair of toe socks, and Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits. (If you’ve already read CROOKED, you will NOT roll your eyes at that.)

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