Horns on the roof…still…

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d post an update on the cow horns that are on my roof.  If you’re a new LJ friend and don’t understand why someone would do this, you can read all about it in my earlier post.  (Then you can quietly un-friend me if you decide I’m just too strange to hang out with, after all.)

I checked on the horns tonight, and the small critters eating away the gunky stuff between the horn and the bone in the middle of it have made some progress.  Not much, but a little.  In one horn, you can now see a tiny gap between horn and bone, where the fleshy stuff is gone.  At this rate, however, SPITFIRE will be published, read, and out of print before these things are ready to show anyone at a presentation. They also smell bad.

What I really need, I’ve decided, is something that works more quickly.  Blog karma brought me the answer when I checked out Unabridged — the Charlesbridge blog and heard about what some of their editors saw on a tour of the American Museum of Natural History during a break from BEA. 

Check out these guys…

Turns out you can order them online, too, but they’re expensive (and kind of scary, frankly).  Let’s hope the critters on my roof get to work soon.

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