Hedgehog sitting

We have a house guest this week.

This is  ‘s African hedgehog, Hermione.  Our Dumbo rats, Chester and Guy, are being kind enough to share their basement rec room with her this week so daughter can babysit while Marjorie is away.  Don’t worry…they have separate cages, though we did take them out to let them sniff one another tonight.  I imagine it went something like this:

Hermione:  Rats? I’m sleeping in a room with rats?

Guy: Bonjour! (Guy is French Canadian…We bought him from a breeder in Montreal.)  Do you live here now? You’re cute, but you’re prickly.

Chester: Are there any more carrots?

30 Replies on “Hedgehog sitting

  1. You really crack me up! I take it Chester likes to eat…
    We just got back from Ft. Rucker, where Bob went to flight school and was the speaker at a graduation today. It was nice but reminded me of why we were not the military type…
    Kisses from the dog were quite welcome.

  2. Aw, I bet the dog was happy to have you home. I just went down to visit the hedgehog in the basement, but she just huffed at me and stuck her head in a tube. Trying not to take it personally…

  3. So cute–I’d better not let BD or HH see, or they’ll want one. Love the conversation between the animals. I know Chester’s kind (he sounds like Albert in the “Frances” books).

  4. Oh, we have no plans to give her back. It’s all planned out. When Marjorie comes to pick her up, we’re just going to look around at one another and say, “Hedgehog?? What hedgehog?” Then after she leaves, we’ll retrieve Hermione from her hiding spot in the sock drawer. 🙂

  5. I love African Hedgehogs! I hedgehog sat for friends of mine once. I let it out to run around my room at night. They love to crawl into things. One time I got up in the morning to discover that Herbie had crawled into the pocket of a pair of shorts I’d left on the floor and fallen asleep. Let me tell you it was fun to try to get him out!

    But they are so fun and so cute! Enjoy Hermione’s visit!

  6. Aw, she’s really cute. Does she like to be held? Does she run around inside/outside the cage? What is her form of play?

    I don’t know much about hedgehogs except that my dachshund would find one to be a hunting prize and my cattle dog would think it a more fun, but prickly ball than her current toy.

  7. I’m not sure what she’s like at home – she’s actually been pretty skittish here, and just curls up when we try to take her out to walk around. She runs on her wheel at night, though!