Fresh eyes

Tonight, I started revising a middle grade novel. 


Six months ago, I thought I didn’t know how to revise this one any more.  I really, truly couldn’t see anything else I could do to make it better.

But now I can. 

How did I miss that spot in chapter two where the tension just dissipates?
Why isn’t there more with her best guy friend? 
What’s with the two characters who just go away mid-book? 

And while we’re at it…

Hey, you… antagonist over there in the corner… How come you didn’t say that great line in chapter one during my first draft?  Or even my ninth draft?  Not that I don’t appreciate you coming up with it  now, but still…

It’s a strange metaphor, but I feel like a film has lifted from this manuscript, and I’m seeing so much more than I did before.   Attacking it again is downright fun.

I’m wondering if it’s the passing of time, or growth as a writer, or new feedback, or a combination of all three.  If this is a familiar story in  your writing life, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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