Dinner on the Move

Tomorrow night, I’m participating in the Authors Progressive Banquet at the New York State Reading Association in Saratoga Springs. 

Here’s how it works.  Ten people sit at each author’s table at the beginning of the meal and get a signed copy of that author’s book.  After the salad, the authors get up and move to the next table to sit with ten new people for the main course.  Then the authors move again to sit with another ten people for dessert.  Doesn’t this sound fabulously fun? (In truth, my first book has only been out for a couple months, so any time people refer to me as “the author,” it’s automatically fun.) 

But  here’s the thing… I’m a planner, and the memo about this dinner left unanswered questions.  Do the authors take their silverware with them to the next table?  What about drinks? And bread?  And what about clumsy authors who tend to spill things when they get up from tables?  This could mean trouble for lots of people’s clothing, given all the moving around.  What does one wear to an  Authors Progressive Banquet?  (I’d ask

, who’s going to be there, too, but I know he’ll probably be wearing one of those cool poker-guy outfits like in his author photo, and what good is that?)  And most importantly, what’s for dessert?  Is it something chocolate?

Enough worrying… I’m off to finish packing.   I’ll report in on the state of my silverware and my dining companions’ clothes when I get home.

6 Replies on “Dinner on the Move

  1. Oooh, this sounds like so much fun! I’m sure you’re in for an evening of very stimulating conversation!

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about your banquet.

    BTW, that Benedict Arnold book sounds really interesting. I love biographies that read like fiction.

  2. This sounds like speed dating but much more fun.
    I practically fell off my chair laughing at your silverware planning-ahead 🙂
    Please please please say you’ll tell us all about it on your return.
    What to wear? Definitely something comfy .. and washable.

    Have fun, Kate!!

  3. Dessert was tiramisu and it was not very good. But I ate it anyway because wasted dessert is a sin against nature.

    Great to finally meet you, Kate!