Created in the Path of Irene: Links

As a writer who’s also a science lover, I’ve always been fascinated by severe weather. I wrote a book about storms…and while my husband, a meteorologist, worked a 21-hour shift during Hurricane Irene, I spent the day and night watching the storm sweep through the region where I live, leaving behind damage of truly epic proportions, especially in Southern Vermont. I wrote about it, to make sense of everything, because that’s what I do. I know I’m not alone in that, which is why I thought it might be good for us to have a place to share art that was created in the storm’s path.

Before Hurricane Irene hit, I posted this invitation for those in Irene’s path to write or draw or otherwise create art during the storm, and to share it online as a communal art-making experience.

Created in the Path of Irene: Links

(I’ll be adding to this list as I receive links. If you’d like to be included, just leave me a comment or email with the link. This round-up is one that includes kids’ work, so please make sure submissions are appropriate for teachers to share in classrooms. Thanks!)

“What the Storm Brought” by Kate Messner  (Lake Champlain – Plattsburgh, NY)  Here’s the poem I wrote with the last of my laptop battery as Irene was pulling out of the Champlain Valley late Sunday night.

Katie Davis, author of Little Chicken’s Big Day, shares a series of poems & videos from her vacation spot in Madison, CT

“Irene” by Diane Mayr, the author of Run, Turkey, Run! writte 8/28/11, early afternoon in Salem, NH.

Late August leaves in mid-
life ripped by winds, their
purpose unfulfilled. Trees
face autumn malnourished,
undressed, totally assailable,
yet with a thirst fully quenched.

“Talking Wind,” a poem by Steve Vernon, an author & storyteller from Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Storm Season” by LiveJournal’s ysabetwordsmith, a poem set in the science fantasy shared-world of Torn World.

“Irene Weekend,” some hurricane reflections from Katia Raina, a YA author, former journalist, and freelance writer – from Manahawkin, New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore.

“Lights’ Out Soup” a short story by Katherine Quimby Johnson, a Vermont writer & teacher at Champlain College. One of her fall classes is “Writing About Food.”

Jo Knowles, author of PEARL and other YA novels, lives in Woodstock, VT, one of the hardest hit areas. She kept a journal of the storm from beginning to end. Here’s her amazing account, with photos & videos.

Paul Acampora, author of RACHEL SPINELLI PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE, reflects on Irene’s wrath and a newspaper delivery guy’s tenacity in Allentown, PA.

“Three for Irene,” three short storm poems from Cape Cod, MA graphic designer and children’s writer/illustrator Jim Hill.

“Hurricane Poem” and “Hurricane Dreams” from Lee Thomson of Northampton, MA.

“Forgive Me, Irene,” a short story from Jamesville-Dewitt middle school teacher Andy Starowicz, Syracuse, NY

All of this hurricane writing and art is shared freely by the folks who created it, but please respect the ownership of the work, and if you like it, by all means, link to it – but please don’t copy and paste.

Feel free to link to this round-up page, and if you’d like to make a donation to the Vermont/New Hampshire Valley Red Cross, that would be absolutely great. Just click on the link below.

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  1. Hurricane

    Each has its own
    Specific name
    In meteor-
    ologic fame,

    And each becomes
    A standard bearer
    Of rage and pain—
    A Rain of Terror.

    How does the human
    Soul survive
    A cruel Cat-
    egory 5?

    What’s left after
    This bitter, brief
    Roaring grief.