Celebrating the National Day on Writing: A Revision Gallery

A couple weeks ago, a school principal & teacher in California asked me where she could find pictures of real manuscripts from real authors going through the revision process to share with her students so they’d be more excited about revising. I didn’t know of such a resource, but as a teacher, I absolutely loved the idea.  As an author, I knew I probably had some writer friends who would be more than willing to help teachers by sharing a photo or two. 

The result is here… a Revision Gallery with a collection of authors’ notes and photos of their marked-up manuscripts.  I thought today, NCTE’s National Day on Writing would be the perfect day to share our stories.

The PowerPoint slides are below (as jpegs) for teachers who would like to save them & use them in the classroom, and the full presentation is also on SlideShare (though the conversion process distorted a couple of the images).


Thanks so very much to all of the authors who sent me photos of their marked up pages and words of revision wisdom for young writers. Your notes and pages were an inspiration to me, too. It really is quite a process, isn’t it?

And teachers…feel free to save, share, post, download, link to, and use these images however you can to help your kids with writing and revision.

Happy National Day on Writing!

AUTHORS: If you’d like to add to this collection, feel free to post a revision note on your own blog or website with a photo or two of your marked-up manuscript. (If you write YA, please be sure to choose a page that’s appropriate for younger readers, too!)  Then leave a comment here with a link to your revision post, and our Revision Gallery can continue to grow! 

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