Shhh…. The kids are still in bed, sleeping off jet leg from our trip out to Olympia, Washington.  I worked on my MG novel revisions the whole plane ride here, and I’m this close (I’m holding up two fingers that are just millimeters apart) to finishing.

I’m having coffee with marshmallow mocha creamer, sitting at the kitchen table in just about the most charming little rental house in the universe. There’s a dartboard on the porch, golden raspberries in the garden, and a second growth cedar forest out back.  Also a piano and tambourines and bongo drums in the living room.  It was fabulously noisy and fun here last night.

When the kids get up, we’re getting in the car to go hiking at Mount Rainier. We’re still making plans for the rest of the week, but the Hoh Rainforest, Mount St. Helens, and a trip to Portland are all possibilities. We didn’t do much research on Portland.  Powells would definitely be on the agenda.  Does anyone have other suggestions if we go?

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