Bad News/Good News Tuesday

The bad news: A thunderstorm broke loose while I was halfway through my run this morning, and the sky lit up with lightning when I was just as far from home as my route takes me.

The good news: I ran my last mile in record time.

The bad news: Our third monarch caterpillar, like the others, made its chrysalis while I was at school, so I didn’t get to see it.

The good news: Awesome husband, who works nights, saw the caterpillar shedding its skin and ran for his camera to shoot video for me.
"I thought you might want to put it on your blog thing," he said. He caught the last minute; you’ll see the caterpillar wiggling out of its old skin and then getting comfortable in the chrysalis where it will be for the next couple weeks.

The bad news: Three caterpillars have now grown from tiny babies, eaten many times their body weight in milkweed, and formed chrysalides, and my line edits still aren’t done.

The good news: Just 44 pages to go.

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