A Great Day with Loudonville, NY Readers!

As an author, sometimes you walk into a school and know right away it’s your kind of place. Loudonville Elementary was one of those schools. And what a welcome they had prepared! Look what greeted me when I walked into the library!

Seeing book-inspired art created by young readers is one of my favorite things about school visits! We were so busy in Loudonville, talking books and reading and writing, that I didn’t actually get to take any photos during my presentations with the kids. But I did get the chance to snap a picture of some of their friends…

Before my first presentation, I made a special visit to the morning kindergarten class to read them a story. They were the first-ever real-life kids to hear me read my upcoming picture book, SEA MONSTER AND THE BOSSYFISH, and it was so much fun! After I left their classroom, I heard they’d gone outside to hang out with their ducks. Turns out they’d raised baby ducks from eggs, and the ducks were just getting bigger, wanting to explore their world a bit. I had a chance to sneak outside and spend a little time with them, too, before my workshops started!

The ducks were a little nervous…but the kids at Loudonville were all super-friendly.  And great readers, too!  Many thanks, Loudonville Elementary staff and students, for an amazing day at your school!

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  1. Annie Gersztoff
    Posted June 9, 2013 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    Thank YOU so much! Our students absolutely loved meeting you. About a week later, I did a survey of what some students were planning on reading over the summer. Their top pick? Hide and Seek, of course! 🙂 Thanks again for a wonderful day!

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