A Breath of Summer

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know that we love winter at my house.  A big snowstorm, in all its fluffy white glory, is about as good as it gets for this family of skiers.  But every now and then, we start to miss colors like green and red and purple.  Yesterday, the Montreal Botanical Garden provided a welcome breath of summer.

The best part?  Butterflies Go Free…a special exhibit of thousands of butterflies, set free in the main greenhouse. (Those within striking distance of Montreal may want to know that the exhibit runs through April 26th.) The butterflies were purchased from free trade butterfly farms in Costa Rica, and they are spectacular.


Now that I’ve breathed in some green and feasted on the colors of summer, I’m ready for the rest of our North Country winter.  Just in time, too.  There’s another storm on the way, with a foot of snow expected Sunday into Monday.

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