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Teachers Write 7.24.17 Mini-Lesson Monday: Biographical Research with Margaret Powell

Good morning, Teachers Write campers! Your Monday Morning Warm-Up with Jo is here. Today’s a special day because I get to introduce you to a brilliant debut author who’s also a friend. Margaret Powell is a decorative arts historian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the Curatorial Assistant of Decorative Arts and Design at the Carnegie Museum […]

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Teachers Write 7.21.17 Friday Revision Tips with Erica Perl

It’s a Teachers-Write Friday, and that means it’s Friday Feedback day on Gae’s blog. Head on over to get some feedback on your work in progress and to offer help, too! Also, Erica Perl, our guest author here today, has some revision tips to share! Erica is 3 of the 4 following things: 1) the author of […]

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Teachers Write 7.20.17 Thursday Quick-Write with Mike Jung

It’s Thursday Quick-Write day on Teachers Write, and your guest author is the fabulous Mike Jung. Mike is the author of GEEKS, GIRLS, AND SECRET IDENTITIES, UNIDENTIFIED SUBURBAN OBJECT, and the forthcoming THE BOYS IN THE BACK ROW. He’s also contributed essays to the anthologies DEAR TEEN ME, BREAK THESE RULES, 59 REASONS TO WRITE, and […]

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Teachers Write 7.19.17 Q&A Wednesday

Wednesdays are Question and Answer days here at Teachers Write, and each week, we’ll have a different panel of official guest authors here to answer your questions in the comments. Today’s fabulous mentor authors are Ammi-Joan Paquette, Caroline Carson, and Jody Feldman. Teachers & librarians… If you’d like to ask a question, just post it […]

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Teachers Write 7.18.17 Tuesday Quick-Write with Loree Griffin Burns

We’re focusing on nonfiction and research again in our Tuesday Quick-Write, and your guest author today is the brilliant Loree Griffin Burns. Loree is a scientist and a writer with a passion for nonfiction storytelling. Her next book, Life on Surtsey, Iceland’s Upstart Island, explodes onto bookshelves November 14. Previous books for young readers include Tracking Trash: […]

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Teachers Write 7.17.17 Mini-Lesson Monday: Electrifying Research with Sarah Albee

Good morning, and happy Monday!  Jo’s Monday Morning Warm-Up is here… And our guest author today is the amazing Sarah Albee. Sarah writes nonfiction books for kids in grades K-9. Forthcoming titles include POISON: Deadly Deeds, Perilous Professions, and Murderous Medicines (September 5, 2017) and George Washington, First President (December, 2017). Other recent nonfiction titles include […]

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Teachers Write 7.14.17 Friday Revision Notes with Gwenda Bond

Good morning! Fridays on Teachers Write are feedback days, so feel free to hop on over to Gae’s blog for her Friday Feedback feature. Be brave! Most Fridays, we’ll be focusing on revision here. Many of our Wednesday Q&A session questions were on that topic, so I hope you’ll find this helpful. Beyond Teachers Write, those […]

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Teachers Write 7.13.17 Thursday Quick-Write with Hena Khan

Good morning, writers! Today’s guest author for your Thursday Quick-Write is the brilliant Hena Khan.  Hena is the author of GOLDEN DOMES AND SILVER LANTERNS; IT’S RAMADAN, CURIOUS GEORGE; and AMINA’S VOICE. The Name Game A friend and I recently overheard a conversation in which a little girl was asking her mother, “but HOW did you […]

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Teachers Write 7.12.17 Q&A Wednesday

Got questions about writing?  Wednesday is Q and A Day at Teachers Write Virtual Summer Writing Camp, and we’ll have some great guest authors answering. Today’s official author guests are Christina Diaz Gonzalez, Megan Frazer Blakemore, and Nanci Turner Steveson. Teachers & librarians – Feel free to ask your questions in the comments.  It’s fine […]

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Teachers Write 7.11.17 Tuesday Quick-Write with Phil Bildner

Good morning, writer friends! Tuesday and Thursday are Quick-Write days at Teachers Write, so our guest authors will be coming by with some writing prompts to try out. Do as much or as little as you’d like with each mini-assignment, and feel free to bookmark those you’d like to use with students later on. Teachers Write […]

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