29 Hours in New York

I think I may have been the only bookish person in the world heading to New York City on Friday of the holiday weekend, after BEA was over, but it was a great, quick trip all the same. A few quick Tuesday-morning highlights before I head off to school…

1. I got to meet with my agent, the wonderful and funny Jennifer Laughran, who did not want her picture taken. Instead, I will show you what I had for dessert at our little rendezvous.

2. My husband somehow managed to get tickets to Glee Live at Radio City Music Hall.  Even with six teenagers screaming in my ear from the seats behind us, it was fantastic – such talented performers.  "Defying Gravity" was my favorite.

3. We spent some time exploring Greenwich Village, had dinner at Lupa (order the gnocci if you go), and wandered around Washington Square Park, where many kinds of artists were enjoying the night, too.

And later on…

4. A highlight of the trip for me was meeting up with my publisher Emily Easton at the Flatiron Building, home of Walker/Bloomsbury. 

Since my family hadn’t been to the building before, Emily was kind enough to give us a tour that started with one of the slush piles. 

…continued through the editorial, publicity and marketing, art director’s offices, and the room where acquisitions meetings take place. We took a detour by the Bloomsbury/Walker bookshelves-of-awesome, which she let my kids raid…

…and ended in the boss’s office at the tip of the building, which has a picture on the wall to give you perspective…

…and a view that probably makes up for all the stress of being the boss.

My husband loved the tour, too, and was amazed at how busy and full of works-in-progress, books, and papers the offices were. His comment as we took the old elevator back down to the ground floor?  "That whole place looks like your desk."

One more thing happened on the Bloomsbury/Walker tour  – I picked up the E.B. White Award for THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. that Emily accepted at the ABC dinner at BEA last week.  It’s living happily on a shelf over my desk now and is very, very shiny.  🙂

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