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Paris Research for MANHUNT (Spring 2014)

I’ve been juggling a number of projects this summer, but I’ve spent the past week immersed in a book I haven’t started writing yet. MANHUNT (coming in Spring 2014)  is the third title in my Silver Jaguar Society mystery series with Scholastic.  It’s a follow-up to CAPTURE THE FLAG (July 2012) and HIDE AND SEEK […]

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Thank you, Scholastic Book Fairs!

August is a busy time for the Scholastic Book Fair teams who set up carts and carts of books in schools all over the country.  Titles for the fall fairs have been selected, and it’s time for the field representatives to learn everything they can about the books so that they can help teachers & […]

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On the Road in August

Well, hi there!  It’s good to see you…and good to see my living room again, too. August has been a busy month so far, full of travel and terrific people. Here are some highlights. At the beginning of the month, I flew out to Los Angeles for the annual SCBWI Conference (that’s the Society of […]

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Teachers Write! Revision Chat

I want to start this post with a confession. I am not a great writer. In fact, I am frequently a pretty awful writer who pens first drafts full of clunky prose and tired language. Sometimes I turn a Monday into a Wednesday in the middle of a chapter (this, in a book that is […]

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Teachers Write 8/10 Friday Writing Happy Hour

When we first came together for Teachers Write back in June, I made the schedule and remember thinking, “Will this work?  Is ten weeks going to be too long?”  I know the answer now.  No.  Ten weeks has not been nearly long enough, and so we are…not ending.  Not now, or after Labor Day, and […]

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Teachers Write 8/9 Thursday Quick-Write

Today’s Thursday Quick-Write has a twist; we’re turning the writer’s lens on ourselves. For ten weeks now, we’ve been hanging out here, writing together and talking together, nurturing one another as teachers and writers. When I started this online camp with Gae and Jen in response to a casual Twitter exchange, I never imagined how […]

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Teachers Write 8/8 More on Plotting (and Q & A Wednesday!)

Guest author Cynthia Lord is back today with Part 2 of her mini-lesson on plot!  Part 1 is here, in case you need to get caught up. Plotting: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends Beginnings. Now that you have imagined your characters and set up your plot, what is the ideal place to begin?  You can think […]

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Teachers Write 8/7 Tuesday Quick-Write

Good morning! I’m still on the road, presenting to amazing educators at the Pennsylvania Writing Institute at Millersville University today, but fabulous guest author is here with today’s writing prompt.  Laura writes magazine articles, poetry, and educational titles for kids. Learn about her work at her website: “Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. […]

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Teachers Write 8/6 Mini-Lesson Monday

Good morning! Kim Oldenburgh, you won the drawing for Caroline Rose Starr’s book, MAY B.  Please email me (kmessner at kate messner dot com) with your mailing address so she can send your book. Today’s Mini-Lesson Monday features guest author Cynthia Lord, who is not only a Newbery Honor author (for RULES) but also a super-nice […]

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Teachers Write! 8/3 – Friday Writing Happy Hour

You’ve almost made it – just one week of our Summer Teachers Write Camp to go! How’s it going? Friday Writing Happy Hour is a chance to relax and share comments about our progress, goals, accomplishments, and whatever else is on your mind.  And if you’d like feedback on a snippet of writing, head on […]

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