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Last Winter Kiss – A Poem in Photos

I’ve been dreaming of beachesand seashells,drinks with tiny umbrellas,and the smell of coconut lotion. I thought I was tired of winter,but deep in the woods,she wooed me back today. I fell for that old dappled sunlight trick,and swooned. Now look up, she whispered, I stared at the sun through the treesuntil my eyes watered.She laughed,And […]

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Meet Marty McGuire! (And finally see the cover!!)

My MARTY MCGUIRE chapter book series with Scholastic launches May 1st, and my editor just gave me the go-ahead to show you the cover art that Brian Floca created for the first book.  So without further delay…heeeeere’s Marty! I love both the cover art and the inside illustrations so much I can barely stand it. […]

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What Lisa Taught Me…

The world lost a talented writer and a warm, wonderful person when author Lisa Wolfson (L.K. Madigan) passed away this morning.  She was the author of award-winning books, FLASH BURNOUT and THE MERMAID’S MIRROR, a wife and a mom, and a friend to many – even those of us who were only lucky enough to […]

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Skyping & Celebrating! World Read Aloud Day is March 9th

Where will you be on World Read Aloud Day?  Reading to someone, I hope!  If you want me to read to you or your students, just click here to check out my World Read Aloud Day celebration online; I’m sharing video read-alouds of three of my books (two that aren’t even out yet!) During lunchtime […]

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Maine Kids Celebrate “What Happened to Your Book Today!”

Last month, when I shared this poem, "What Happened to Your Book Today" on my blog, I got a note from Susan Dee, a 4th and 5th grade looping teacher in Biddeford, Maine asking if she could share it with her students. Of course!  I told her I’d be honored. Today, she sent me a […]

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My editor says I can share the cover art for my picture book, OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW.  Ready to think snowy thoughts?  Here it is! OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW is the story of a girl who goes cross country skiing with her father and discovers the secret world of animals living under the […]

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Book Love: Great stuff I’ve been reading lately

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a book recommendation, but that’s not for lack of great titles to talk about. Here’s a round-up of what I’ve been reading (and loving!) lately… In DASH AND LILY’S BOOK OF DARES, David Levithan and Rachel Cohn tell the story of two New York City teens who meet through […]

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Teachable moment: Huzzah, Egypt!

I’ve been reading Laurie Halse Anderson’s CHAINS with my 7th graders as they study the American Revolution next door in Social Studies.  If you haven’t read it, it’s an amazing historical thriller full of great writing and topics for discussion — a perfect class read-aloud/read-together. We were all set to read Chapters 12-14 this afternoon, […]

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Meet Cassandra Morris, the Voice of Marty McGuire!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that MARTY MCGUIRE is the first in my new chapter book series with Scholastic, launching this spring. Marty’s a third grade girl who would rather catch frogs and crayfish in the pond than play dress up, so she’s mortified when her teacher casts her […]

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New for Teachers, Librarians, Authors & Publishers: Author Skype Tours!

A couple months ago, my teaching colleague Marjorie Light and I got talking.  Our creative writing class had just Skyped with author Lindsey Leavitt in a win-win situation. Our kids got to meet and ask writing questions of an author, and Lindsey got a chance to plug her upcoming YA novel to some enthusiastic readers.  Wouldn’t it […]

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