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I’d like to introduce you to my Sea Monster…

This the cover proof for Sea Monster’s First Day, my picture book about a nervous sea monster’s first day in a new school…of fish.  It’s coming out with Chronicle in July, and my terrific editor Melissa just sent me the page proofs via FedEx…a fun surprise waiting when I got home from school! Illustrator Andy […]

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Like Costa Rica Rain…

One of the things I love most about traveling with my family is the way our shared experiences shape the way we see things, long after the trip is over.  Yesterday afternoon, it rained pretty hard here for a little while, just before my daughter and I had to go out to pick up my son […]

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TOUCH BLUE and lobstering at Flying Pig Books

My daughter and I took an after-school ferry ride this afternoon to attend Cynthia Lord’s TOUCH BLUE event at Flying Pig Books. We both read and loved TOUCH BLUE so hearing Cindy speak about it was a real treat. We got to see old photos of the real Maine schoolhouse that inspired the story of […]

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Dystopian World Building Worksheet: Part I

My revision letter and first line edits just arrived for EYE OF THE STORM, my upper-MG dystopian novel coming out with Walker/Bloomsbury in 2012.  I’ve been dying to get back to this book, but before I touch the manuscript to make a single change, I’m going to be writing many, many pages of world-building thoughts. While […]

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Almost-Friday Five

1. Remember that book I’m writing for teachers? About how to get kids excited about revision using strategies shared by lots of authors who write for them?  It’s just about done!  I’m waiting on a few photos & quotes, and adding a couple more student work samples this week because my new 7th graders just […]

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Eli the Good by Silas House

So what’s to say about ELI THE GOOD?  I loved this book, despite a burst of bad attitude last week that made me impatient with its gorgeous descriptions for a day or so.  You can read more about that here, or not. ELI THE GOOD is one of those stories where setting — place and […]

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Impatient Saturday: Books I’m Dying to Read

One of the dangers of having sometimes-access to advance reader copies of books is that it makes it extra-difficult to wait for anything that’s not out yet. And have you noticed there are some incredible books on the way for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011?  Here’s my current can’t-wait list: Horton Halfpott by Tom Angleberger […]

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Friday Five: Barbecue & Books

1. I’m thinking the leaves must be turning higher up in the mountains by now, right?  We’re hoping to climb Mt. Jo in the Adirondacks tomorrow  & then collapse at a picnic table here for some barbecued chicken and ribs. Good plan, no? 2. The official schedule is out for ALAN in Orlando this November, […]

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Sometimes it’s not the book…it’s the reader.

I had an experience as a reader this week that got my teacher-brain thinking about books and kids, and why the right book at the right time is such a very important concept for us to keep in mind. I’ve been reading this book… …and loving it.  ELI THE GOOD by Silas House is a […]

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Gianna Z. sighting!

A few friends & teachers have also sent notes letting me know they’ve spotted (and ordered!) Gianna Z. in the September Scholastic ARROW book club flyer, but until one of my 6th grade colleagues stopped by my room with one this week, I hadn’t seen the actual flyer. Then my sister-in-law Linda, who teaches in Rochester, […]

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